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ski for your life

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Ski for your life!!! It was a normal Italian Skiing holiday until something extraordinary happened! AVALANCHE! This is what everyone fears and on a ski resort they're quite uncommon, but never doubt the power of nature. I begin on the ultimate black slope, the slope everyone aims to get on but everyone fears. I get the weirdest feeling in my stomach, I feel it lift to the bottom of my throat and my jaws tighten, as I journey up the mountain in the rickety chair lift. I feel irresistible excitement. When I get to the top I know there's only one way down, although terrified, I know I have to do it. ...read more.


Then I see a blue dot start down the hill, our instructor is going down to try and save the people. I am t hinking "how will he ever outrun it". He is now along side the man eater; he dips left and is lost in the white powder of the avalanche. Two or Three minutes pass and there is still no sign of our ski instructor, Willie. There is nothing we can do but watch, and wait and hope for the best. Finally, he we see him come out, wobble and soar on. He is moving as quick as lightning. We now realize that the hikers have no chance. ...read more.


We rushed over to tell the rescue team that there are still people up there. They quickly get their rescue monsters in motion and munch the snow with their metal tracks like sharks digging their teeth into prey. We stand frozen like statues watching the rescuers as they finally reach the place where the avalanche stops. They are just in time to save Willie and one of the hikers. Willie gets out with just a few bumps and bruises because he is at the edge of the avalanche although it appears that the surviving hiker has a chest and leg injury. The 5 people that died that day were Italian and climbed that same route every Saturday. The sky over the resort is now as black as the day is bright the clouds would have lifted by next Saturday. ...read more.

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