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Sleeping Rough

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Sleeping Rough My name is David Weathers. I used to live an ordinary life; you know a mum and dad, family nearby, but my life soon changed. My mum left home because she was fed up of my dad, you see my dad was a right 'Jack the lad', he'd have any woman that looked at him, so long as she was in his so called top league. My dad was one of those people who likes himself too much for his own good. He gets beat up because he often dates people with boyfriends or even married women. He can be sensitive sometimes but most of the time he's violent and aggressive towards my mum and other women he drags home after a night on the town, anyway that's enough talk about my family. When I was seven years of age my dad seriously hurt my mum, he beat her up to such an extent that she had to have 78 stitches; I was too young to understand and then afterwards he'd apologise and kiss and hug her and tell her he didn't mean it. He makes me sick, after my mum left, he started hanging round with the wrong people, druggies, winos, glue sniffers all sorts of weird, crazy people. ...read more.


So I took a chance and banged on the immense wooden door. The door began to slowly but surely creek open; a man stood their wearing a vest and a pair of old dungarees. "Yeah" the man growled "I... I'm looking for a room for the night sir" I stuttered "One hundred pounds a week, two weeks in advance" he muttered I pulled my money out of my jacket pocket and handed him the due amount. This would probably be the best and only option I was going to get tonight. It was soon the next morning and I went out yet again to find a job, all day I searched but nothing was found. Two weeks later and still no sign of a job it was my last day in the hotel, well I wouldn't really call it a hotel, but it was somewhere I could kip for the night. Where would I go from now, stay on the streets like some kind of tramp, catch pneumonia, get beat up by tramps, no I couldn't, but what other option could I take. I only have 10 pounds left it would only last me a few days, because I need food and drink. ...read more.


I had been caught. The next thing I knew, I was in the police station banged up in cell, I suppose being in here was better than being on the cold streets but this didn't solve my hunger problem. I heard a noise a tray scraped along the floor and underneath the cell door, I couldn't believe my eyes. In front of me was a tray with food and a cup of tea lying on it, I literally dived onto the concrete floor and ate all the food and drank the cup of tea. I was still starving after, but I could breathe better now. I got back onto the bed and dropped off to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, this was the best nights sleep that I had in days, when I was in a very deep sleep, the door creaked open, a women stood their and muttered "D...David", I woke up suddenly as I recognised the voice, there standing in front of me was my long lost mum. At first I thought I was dreaming, the only person I really love was there right in front of my eyes, here to rescue me from this horrible and isolated life on the streets, now I really know what life on the streets is like. ?? ?? ?? ?? Bradley Cox 10H Sleeping Rough English 1 ...read more.

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