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Sleeping Terrors

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Sleeping Terrors As soon as they woke up they knew it was going to be hot. However there was still that freezing chill in the air that they had noticed ever since they stepped into this strange, spooky castle. Yesterday seemed an age away. It had all been like a dreadful nightmare. Laura and Scott, two teenage lovers, had been walking on the cliffs by the sea on that evening when they were stopped by a strange looking girl. She looked about the same age as them. She had masses of black hair, flashing eyes, long full-embroidered skirt and a gypsy shawl. She looked as if though she had just stepped out of the last century. She had stopped in front of them, her eyes wild and laughing and had pointed in mockery at their clothes. She said, looking at Laura's jeans, "Why are you not wearing a skirt? Why are you dressed like a boy?" Laura was embarrassed and did not know what to say, but Scott kindly intervened by saying that it was usual in this day and age for girls to be wearing jeans. ...read more.


Since then they had been through hell. Huddled together trying to get warm under the mountainous white feather curtains; they had drifted in and out of sleep until just after midnight. A huge wind seemed to blow down the chimney pipe, blowing out the dying log-fire below. All at once, the enormous windows blew open and another wind rushed into the room. There was an unearthly laughter echoing around the room. The vampires had arrived! They were circling the air above the bed and lunging at the covers. One was a male vampire with black cloak and deep blood stained lips. Long edges of incisor teeth were gleaming like fangs from between the lips. The other was a female, floating dress, ghostly complexion and dark hollow eyes and again the same telltale lips and fangs. Laura was screaming. Scott was running through his mind all the facts and information he had ever gathered, watching movies and reading books, about vampires. He caught sight, with the corner of his eye, of a silver gleam coming from Laura's ears. Of course, crosses. They could protect themselves with crosses. Laura was wearing earrings, tiny silver crosses. It would surely be enough. 'Give me your earring,' he demanded. ...read more.


Presumably their parents were out looking for them. Surely they would be back soon. The pair lay back on the bed, exhausted. There was a gush of wind, a breeze. It touched their faces, nearly choking them with it's chill. This was about the same time as they met the strange girl on the previous day. As if she was brought on by their thought, the strange girl was standing in the room and looking at them again with her curiously frightening eyes. 'All our parents are sleeping now,' she said. 'So, like me, you will need someone to play with.' With these words the girl vanished into thin air again. Scott decided that it was time he left. When Scott arrived home, he rang the bell. There was no answer, so assuming his parents were also out, Scott took out his keys and let himself in. He walked into the living room and found both his parents sitting on the couch with shades on for some reason. They had the television switched on, but the channel wasn't very clear. Then both his parents turned around. Scott was taken back. His parents' faces were pale white, but their lips were just bright red, as if, they were blood stained! Srisharangan Sathiyanathan Short Story - 1 - ...read more.

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