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THE NIGHT AT ST. GEORGES ROAD It was a cold, dark foggy Thursday night. I was counting the number of cars that passed by my blue sedan parked on St. Georges Road, which is known for its rich lifestyles and busy shops. But the dense fog that seemed to creep itself through the town, made it tough for me to keep track of my surroundings. Teenagers seemed to be wandering about the nearby bus-stop playing around with their cheaply dressed girlfriends. I had been waiting for about twenty minutes and the scene seemed to be clear. I checked my watch and it read 11:30 am. I knew it was time and was getting ready with my tools which I had in a Nike sports bag on the passenger seat. I got out of the car and made myself across the road and walked in the direction of the parking lot of the bus-agent shop that was on the opposite side of the road I had parked my car. ...read more.


At that moment I felt like a 6 year boy starring at the window of the bakery shop. I walked over to the counter and broke open the cash register with the same chisel and took out all the cash from it. The sight of 20 pound bills and 50 pound bills made me smile a bit broader. I knew I had hit the jackpot and got out the shop. I brought my car from the still quite empty road to the deserted parking lot and parked the car near the back door and got out many bags which were lying at back passenger seat. When I headed back into the shop I filled the bags up with everything I could find. Chocolates, drinks especially alcohol, cigarettes and lots of other edible stuff........BUT SUDDENLY I HEARD FOOTSTEPS BEHIND MY BACK AND THEY WERE LOUD AND HEAVY. I TURNED BACK WITH SHOCK TO FIND MYSELF STARRING FACE TO FACE AT A LARGE FIGURE HOLDING A RATHER LONG THIN OBJECT ABOVE HIS HEAD AND HE WAS HEADING STRAIGHT TOWARDS ME. ...read more.


I was on my feet in a jiffy and stood over his helpless body. He was in pain as he was clutching his chest. I grew closer to his face and realized he was just an old man. A feeling of guilt and shame crept inside me and would never leave my body. It felt as though it made my insides writhe and squirm. Never have I felt the shame in my life. I didn't intend this to happen and didn't want anyone hurt. The sound of police sirens was ringing in my ears and at that moment ran out of the shop empty-handed. This chilled me and it brought me into a sweat as a dashed to my car in the parking lot. My hands were trembling as if someone had put both my hands in cold water. My hands started to struggle to get hold of my car keys from my pocket and I could feel the fear in me. There wasn't much time for last minute plans and so I jumped into my car and sped off disappearing into the cold fog that was about to die out. ...read more.

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