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Smith! The bodies in here!"Came a calm, soft voice from straight ahead. The detective approached the large plain door,

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"Smith! The bodies in here!" Came a calm, soft voice from straight ahead. The detective approached the large plain door, protected by the yellow tape saying 'Police Line Do Not Cross.' The large newly built family home, was covered in police, detectives and the local forensic team, and that is only what Smith had to pass by, whilst attempting to get to his Partner Cox. The carpet, which was once a perfect cream, now was covered in a pool of blood, and around the large old oak dressing table, was pieces from the shattered mirror. "Mother and father to two young girls, mother shot in the head, father in the heart and stomach. Whomever was to blame for this was either sick and cold hearted or must have had one damn good reason." Cox was always first on the scene, her work was her life. She thrived to know all the details before anyone else and found explaining the situation gave her a clearer view and idea of the killer's motive. "Are there any suspects?" Enquired Detective Smith. "We have taken the eldest daughter's boyfriend in for questioning; his shoe prints were found in the damp mud outside, along with a half smoken cigarette, know one in the family smokes, and he was all ready found at the scene." The eldest daughter's name was Lucy, she seemed quite innocent, but the neighbours said that she had recently been having problems with her parents over her new boyfriend, they did not find him acceptable for their daughter, and insisted she must stop seeing her boyfriend Paul. ...read more.


The room seemed dull, apart from the shadow of the detectives moving across the clear white wall. The screen that was placed directly in front of Rebecca was switched on, and slowly it revealed what was hidden and what could have possibly created Rebecca's strange behaviour. Behind the screen was Rebecca an innocent little white girl, but from what appeared on the screen, it seemed nothing like Rebecca, she appeared as a little coloured girl with a skin deficiency. This was because underneath Rebecca's skin there was a secret lurking, Rebecca had been physically abused; her body covered in bruises, there was little or no area without bruising. Cox and Smith had never seen anything like this, they were mortified, how could anyone want to harm such a little girl, but there was still the secret of what type of abuse, whether it was just physical or sexual still remained unknown. Cox immediately contacted one of the policemen who were trying to co-operate with Lucy and insisted that she must speak to Lucy immediately. After about thirty minutes a police vehicle pulled up outside the station with Lucy sitting in the back seat. The policeman removed himself from the vehicle and opened the door to which Lucy had entered. Lucy looked rough; she had not slept much through the night, because she was locked in an uncomfortable cell, which she screamed from claiming that she should be released and that she wanted to see Paul. Cox removed the handcuffs, which were tight to Lucy's wrist, and she led Lucy to an interview room, where a largely built man was waiting. ...read more.


I told him no but he grabbed me and pushed me into the shower he ripped off my trousers and my underwear I was so scared, I pushed him out of the way and ran past him to the draw and I pulled out the gun, I pointed it towards him he started yelling at me telling me to put it down and to stop being stupid, I told him to shut up because he would wake mum up, but he just got louder, I could here mum wakening, so I shot him, in the stomach and he started to crawl towards the bedroom so I shot him in the heart mum could hear the gun shots and ran into us, she looked at me holding the gun, and then at dad lying dead on the floor, she started screaming, I told her to shut up, but she wouldn't so I shot her in the head. I didn't mean to hurt mum, I loved her, yes we had arguments of course we did, but I would never truly mean to hurt her." Lucy broke down into tears, Cox just looked at her, she was shocked, Lucy had confessed everything from the abuse she witnessed to the killing of her parents. Cox stopped the recording tape. And offered Lucy a tissue. Once Lucy had wiped her eyes Cox took her to see Rebecca, she couldn't arrest Lucy, she just had to wait to see what the court would think about it. ...read more.

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