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Smoke Free Society.

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Andrew Budiman Ewrt 1A Smoke Free Society Imagine yourself having dinner with your significant other in a fancy Italian restaurant. A huge lamp is hanging on the sky-high-ceiling, brightening the 200-people-capacity-room. The sound of a soft and gentle music creates a romantic atmosphere. It is the most wonderful evening that you ever had in your life; until a skinny, bald-headed-man who is sitting behind you lights a fire and starts smoking. You can't breathe comfortably anymore because of the smell, and the smoke makes your eyes smart. The perfect evening you are having is turning into a living hell. The above example describes how a non-smoker could suffer from smoking. There are many other disadvantages that a non-smoker gets from this nasty habit. Many had even died because of what we call 'passive smoking', or 'second-hand smoking'. A non-smoker faces the risk of losing his or her health, convenience, and living environment. Looking at this fact, non-smokers should be granted the rights to ask a smoker to stop smoking whenever they feel disturbed, regardless of age, gender, race, and ethnicity. ...read more.


For example, a child who is capable to become a good swimmer might not be able to swim because his lungs have been intoxicated by nicotine that he or she gets from passive-smoking. These intoxicated lungs create asthma, and disable the child to breathe properly. If the child can't even breathe properly, how do you expect him or her to become a good swimmer? In America, the habit of smoking has spread throughout the society. Whose rights are really being violated? When smokers light up among us nonsmokers (including infants and children), we have no choice but to breathe in their toxic residue. Simply having smoking sections in restaurants does not solve the problem. This is the same as requesting to swim in the non-chlorinated end of the swimming pool. Besides killing, we also find smoking to be irritating for a number of reasons. For instance, the smell of smoke is awful, it clings to your clothing, and it affects the breath of the smoker. Smoke in the air is also irritating to the eyes, causing them to water and itch. ...read more.


Besides causing air pollution, smoking also raises the risk of houses or buildings catching fire. According to American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), almost 10% of burning cases are caused by smoking. Not all smokers are aware of whether their cigarette butt is still on fire or not when they throw it away. It might end up getting blown by the wind to somebody's back door where he or she stacks used papers, and starts a fire. If cigarette butts can burn a house to the ground, we could then conclude that there are always bigger risks that non-smokers have to face. A single smoker has the capability of causing a fatal damage to our environment, and he or she is not the only one who will suffer from it, all the other people (including non-smokers) will have to suffer from it too. Many non-smokers have lost their properties, their loved ones because of other people smoking. The law exists today is not enough to guarantee the safety that non-smokers deserve. The fact that there should be a new law giving this group of people authority to protect themselves is obvious. It is time to grant these people the rights to provide safety to their life. ...read more.

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