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Smoking coursework

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1 Smoking Smoking annihilates. It destroys health, it costs money and it makes you painfully ill. Smoking is a dreadful enemy. Why ruin your health just for a dangerous cigarette? Many people may think that smoking is a benefit. People believe that a cigarette can relax their mind and free their tension. But the disadvantages outweigh the advantages by a landslide. The effects of smoking on human health is serious and in some cases, fatal. There are around 4000 chemicals in cigarettes and hundreds of them are toxic. An ingredient called nicotine affects the body's immune system and makes the cigarette addictive. Nicotine is a colourless poisonous liquid from the tobacco plant. ...read more.


If smoking was banned, money and lives would be saved. 2 Everyday three thousand children begin to smoke from the ages of ten to eighteen. Children account for ninety percent of new smokers. In fact, ninety percent of smokers said they started to smoke as a teenager. Teenage smoking is very serious and even worse than adult smoking. There is a possible chance that they will die early and also they grow old and wrinkly quicker than usual. Teenagers smoke because they believe they look older and wiser. It not only helps them to relax from troubles and feelings of insecurity, but also gives that Hollywood image as being dangerous and living on the edge. ...read more.


Smoking kills people more than alcohol, drugs, car crashes and fires combined. If smoking can destroy a person's life, cause them to die early and destroy their body, then why are these warnings still ignored? Is the addiction is too strong for people who started at early ages and people who are depressed with their life? Let's hope not. 3 Smoking can ruin a person's life. It should become illegal now and forever. We can make the air a great deal cleaner by not smoking. It can also decrease many health hazards. To quit smoking we need a powerful determination. W e should not make fools of ourselves. We need to clear our minds from any hesitance or uncertainty. Don't we all want this for the safety of our children, for our own health and our future society? ?? ?? ?? ?? Amarah Adam ...read more.

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