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Smoking in public places should be ban in a free country.

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T: Smoking in public places should be ban in a free country. Recently there has been a great debate in many west countries over a smoking ban in public places. In Great Britain, for example, some restrictions have already been introduced. Many people do not want to become victims of passive smoking and therefore they strongly support such actions. However, there is still large number of those who fiercely oppose to those changes because they see them as a violation of their freedom. To start with, those in favour of smoking ban claim that they should not be the aggrieved when it is a matter of health, especially when we recognize that the good health is the single most cherished human's possession. ...read more.


What is more, regular smokers can actually benefit from smoking prohibition. Due to the fact that they will not be able to smoke in their workplace and place like restaurants and pubs they may be more motivated to get rid of their bad habit. Which may result not only in the reduction of health hazards to involuntary smokers but also it will, in the long run, improve the smoker's own well being. Whatever the benefits may be, there are still those who perceive the smoking ban as a interference in their freedom. ...read more.


Of course one may say, that smokers should be kept together, and that there should restricted arias for those who smoke. On the other hand, by introduction such measures smokers may feel that they are being discriminated against or excluded from taking part in normal social life simply because of their habit. All things considered, it can be concluded that even though smoking ban may be regarded as a kind of restriction of smokers' freedom, it is unthinkable that this freedom can exist at the expense of those who do not wont to smoke. This proves to be a difficult problem as both parties are convinced of their rights, still it certain that sooner or later they will have to reach some kind of compromise. ...read more.

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