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Smoking. It was magical. I didnt cough or splutter like my friends said I would. It was the single most wonderful moment of my life so far. For the first time in my long 15 years on the earth, I was cool.

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Smoking 10/09/2006 Musty, stifling. The two things I vividly remember as I stepped into that gloomy, old corner shop. I wandered round looking at the bright, multi-coloured packets that surrounded me. I heard my D.T. teacher telling me that this was a form of advertising and would draw my attention to the product and, before I knew what was happening I would be buying it. Normally I would head straight for the sweets and would spend what seemed like hours deliberating over which variety of Haribo I would buy. But not that day, that day I would head straight for the counter and get the one thing I wanted more than anything else in the world. A packet of cigarettes. I walked right up to the counter and said confidently and in the deepest voice I could manage, 'Can I err, have a pack of Marlboro lights please.' 'Certainly sir' the reply came. ...read more.


I will never forget that sensation, that taste. I walked the rest of the way home, still smoking the cigarettes, still enjoying every one. I got back home and realised that I stank of smoke. I rushed upstairs to my room I ripped off my clothes and put on new ones. I smelt my old ones before throwing them on the floor. I rushed into the bathroom and sprayed myself with deodorant and cleaned my teeth. I stumbled down the stairs and into the kitchen and made myself some dinner. Chicken korma, my favourite. I had just put my plate in the sink when mum arrived home with Ross and Beth. "Hi Mum" I shouted over the din that Beth was making. "Is it alright if I go out tonight?" "Sure, and just leave me her with the terrible twosome!" said my Mum struggling with Ross and Beth. "Okay, see you later," and I bounded out the door before she could answer. ...read more.


"Oh bugger," I thought. What could I do? I decided to dive under the covers. My Mum came storming into my room. "Where the hell have you been?" she screamed, so loudly that Ross woke up and started bawling. "Out, with my mates" I whispered, trying to remain calm "Out... Out!" "It's nearly half eleven" "It's not a school night" "Don't you get cocky with me" she shouted. Her face turning a crimson colour. "And is that smoke I smell on you," she snapped "My friends were smoking!" I said all too quickly. "Come here and open your mouth," she said, so menacingly that I felt like running for the mountains. I walked over to her and she sniffed at my breath. "Smoke." She whispered, and dejectedly sat down on my bed. "Pack your stuff," she uttered after what seemed like an eternity. "You're going to your Dad's" " I've had enough of you're trouble making." I looked at her face. It was deadly serious. I had well and truly been stubbed out. Ross Keys 10A Coursework ...read more.

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