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Smoking - right or wrong?

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Should Smoking be banned in public places? Smoking kills! Smoking is often a controversial issue. Everyone has the right to do what they want don't they? But no one has the right to kill someone else, do they? Yes, this may seem extreme but smoking is often the silent killer. Allowing smokers to inflict the consequences of their habit onto to those around seems preposterous. Lets look at it in a different way, If a man was to drink and drive and crash the car injuring or killing others around him it would seem completely unacceptable that his decision to drink and drive was forced upon others who had no desire to get involved in his foolish act. ...read more.


That is far from what we should aim to achieve, we live in a democracy so freedom of choice should never be taking away. But you cannot stand by and watch as collectively we suffer to the minority. Some proposed having separate areas for smokers and non-smokers which turned out to be a step in the right direction but often the separation between these two areas is barely a few meters, and believe it or not the deadly toxins in cigarette smoke don't decide to stay clear of these so called 'non-smoking' areas. So the next step was proposed let us separate smokers and non-smokers completely by letting the owners of these places to deicide whether it is intended for smokers or non-smokers. ...read more.


Like you, I was unsure of how to support the move towards a more comfortable night out at your favorite bar or restaurant. It is important to get the opinions of your local restaurant owners to see what they think, Steve from my local restaurant had this to say ' I feel like I have no choice, If I don't let smokers into my restaurant it will be me that suffers from lost business' Steve like many others is stuck in this situation and unless a law is passed there will always be someone willing to take in the profits. I have suggested that first smoking should be banned from places such as restaurants and slowly expand this until no smoking is allowed in any closed public spaces. Don't forget that everyone's opinions matter, yes that includes you! So make a difference and take action. Statistics obtained from www.statistics.gov.uk ...read more.

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