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Smoking. Why do people smoke? What drives someone to smoke? Generally the answers to both theses questions are simply addiction.

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Richard Fagan Smoking Smoking tobacco had been popular since the Elizabethan times and at this point in time thousands of people are still killing themselves by doing something that simply is lighting tobacco wrapped in paper and inhaling the smoke - yet people continue to do it, why? Peoples rights - to and not to smoke? And the money that's involved in this multimillionaire business, these are some of the points I will be covering in this essay. Why do people smoke? What drives someone to smoke? Generally the answers to both theses questions are simply addiction. I feel a major percentage of smokers are purely addicted to the nicotine in the cigarette. Once someone has become a smoker, they become addicted and as nicotine is said to be more addictive than cocaine its almost impossible to give up. But how do they get started in the first place? There are many different reasons why certain people might smoke. One main reason why a younger person may start smoking is to do with "The Look". Younger people can be lead to believe that smoking is "cool" and can make them look and seem older. Peer pressure can also drive people to start smoking as teenagers sometimes smoke to fit in to a certain group or gang. ...read more.


Another effect of smoking, which is not so dangerous, but can also be fatal, is weight loss. Smokers can also cause weight loss as the cigarette compensates for food, this can lead to anorexia. "Anyone under the age of sixteen cannot perchance a packet of cigarettes from a newsagent or any other shop". That is what the law states when it comes to buying cigarettes. It also says, just like alcohol that "Anyone caught purchasing cigarettes for anyone under that age will be prosecuted". When it comes to penalties for selling cigarettes to anyone under sixteen, the shopkeeper is prosecuted and usually fined. However despite these rules anyone at any age can pick up a cigarette at home or anywhere else and smoke it without breaking the law. Personally, as a non-smoker, I have no distinct opinion on the matter of how old someone should be to smoke or buy cigarettes, but there is not a lot the police can to punish younger people when it comes to smoking, which I feel is wrong as if they're breaking the law they should be punished as a message to discourage smoking. C10H14N2, perhaps more commonly known as the colourless oily acrid toxic liquid, nicotine. ...read more.


As for avoiding smoke, non-smokers have a right to sit in non-smoking areas and avoid inhaling smoke of others. Another argument, which I'm not, so on the fence about is where smokers and non-smokers mix in public. I feel its ok for smokers and non-smokers to mix in social places like pubs and clubs where the smoke can escape in the open spaces, but I feel its wrong for people to smoke in confined spaces such as trains and cars where the smoke can't escape. To say smoking is an "OK" thing to do would be wrong, as it's essentially a murderer. Doing something as simple as inhaling smoke from burning tobacco kills 'almost' innocent people all the time. But the main point shown in this essay is that these people have chosen to smoke that single cigarette, chosen to smoke those twenty a day, chosen to not do their bet to kick this dirty habit and this is why I feel that people should be able to smoke if they choose, and they do, despite the fact that it's a killer and they are aware of these effects, yet they continue to smoke and they continue to die. I feel that schools should do a lot more to discourage people to begin smoking, by doing things such as punishing people caught smoking or enlighten them of the effects and help them make more informed choices. ...read more.

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