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Snake in the grass.

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Snake in the grass Alex Rennie Jeremy walked into the cold, dark room. He flicked the switch and a small single bulb lit up over the centre of a large table. Around the table stood three other people all tall and middle aged. "Take your seats" said Jeremy. "John, Becca, and Sam, I have asked you back to the old forge because I want to pull one more job before I retire for good." Jeremy wanted to pull a last job because he was short of money. His son Howard was addicted to drugs. Howard stole Jeremy's money to fund his addiction. The old forge was where Jeremy used to meet with five other people; two of them were shot on the last robbery. ...read more.


"Becca, we know that you have been part of a gang of bank robbers, we found your finger prints at the last scene. If you help us catch your other team members we will acquit you of your charges." "What information do I have to give you?" she inquired. "Where they are planning the job and where the next job is going to be?" the superintendent replied. Sam, John and Jeremy are still talking at the forge. "So, are you two still on for the job?" Jeremy asked. "Of course, I could do with the extra cash" John said confidently. Sam shrugged as if he was saying yes. Jeremy had planned the job very well. ...read more.


"So you're saying that we should have undercover agents inside the bank," replied the officer. "All I know is that it is planned for the 28th and is going to take place at about 3 pm to avoid lots of people being around." Jeremy walked in before John. John walked to the corner of the bank where he was hidden under the security camera. He pulled out his gun and put on his balaclava. "Get Down!" he shouted. Everyone dived to the floor. The shutters came over the booths and there was silence. "Drop your weapon" the policeman called. Jeremy hit the ground. John stood and stared. He started firing erratically. One shot, two shots and then a third. Another shot could be heard. John fell to the floor. Jeremy lay silently until he felt the coldness of the officer's gun on his back. "She grassed us up" were John's murmured last words. ...read more.

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