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Snow White

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Snow White A cold mist had settled above the woods as the first frost of winter took its hold. It was whilst the shimmering light of the moon gazed upon the forest, when each leaf was taken and a layer of shimmer was rested upon its surface. Soon the ground was embellished with and sheen of glitter, nature's ability to transform became magnificently apparent. A watchful eye was cast over the forest that night. Her long dangling curls glistened just as the ground, a dark robe upon her shoulders, a cruel and callous woman by the name of, "Lady Muriel", stared intensely through the tower's window. She thought of the day ahead, and with a sinister laugh she called on her servant for breakfast. One day she had hoped that a King or Prince would ask her hand in marriage and she would then live in the prosperity and wealth of he. That day had been and passed but now that Lady Muriel's plan was being threatened by a hindering being and all she had longed for could now be lost, something had to be done. For the King had a daughter and not only was she beautiful, she was innocent, kind and generous. Skin as white snow, hair as black as the night and the darkest crimson lips. She was far fairer than Lady Muriel, and still had the most important place in her father's heart. ...read more.


The Prince's sight was blinded as the sun embellished a piercing light upon him, he looked down to Snow White, her skin as white as snow, crimson red lips. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He loosened his grip and gazed into her eyes, she blushed as he touched her cheek, "Snow White, you must leave, runaway and do not return to the castle, you must." The Prince pushed her away from him, "Go!" he screamed and she ran through the forest, frightened to look back, she ran until her feet would take her no longer. Unbearable thoughts entered her mind as she rested at a tree stump under the moonlight, unanswerable questions and disturbing scenes. Her concern for her father was far greater than that for herself, as she sat there, helpless and alone in the dark forest. She could only imagine that this was all down to Lady Muriel, as no other could be as demonic or cruel. Snow White knew exactly what Muriel was planning next, to lure the king into her world of dark existence. With no sign of shelter anywhere Snow White began to lose hope, she sat, dwindling her fingers and trying to ignore the shadows flickering eerily beside her. Just as she had almost fallen to sleep, a little tap at her ankle awoke her with a startle, a small squirrel sat at her feet. "Oh! Hello there little one", she whispered to the delicate creature. ...read more.


The cottage was embedded with deep evergreen ivy, pansies and dainty flowers flowed from the windowsills and tall firs leaned over the hard and rocky surface. A small wooden door led Muriel to Snow White, who stood opposing the large open fire, stirring a large cauldron of broth, which she had prepared for the dwarves for when they returned home. "Sorry to startle you dear." Said the old lady, Snow White, initially frightened, looked upon the warmth of the old woman's face and insisted she sit down. "Thank you my dear." She said in a hard, husky voice. Snow White pitied the old woman, she seemed awfully fragile, dressed in old rags and carrying a large basket full of the greenest apples. Which had immediately caught Snow Whites eye. "Go ahead my dear! Help yourself, here take this red apple, it is the only one and I wish you to have this as a token for your kindness." Snow White gratefully received the apple, and with a single bite she fell to the floor. Muriel stood from the chair in which she was seated and stood over Snow White, she pulled out the dagger from underneath her rags and plunged it deep into Snow Whites heart. As she did so the sky grew dark, a rage of blue and white pierced the sky and poured an eerie mist throughout the forest and with it, each leaf was taken, a black lining given to each and a trickle of blood seeped from the last living creature in the kingdom, as Muriel fell to her death. ...read more.

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