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Snowman Sniffles

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Afternoon in February The day is ending, While through the meadows, The night descending; Like fearful shadows, The marsh is frozen, Slowly passes The river dead. A funeral train. Through the clouds like ashes The bell is pealing, The red sun flashes And every feeling On village windows Within me responds The glimmer red. To the dismal knell; The snow recommences; Shadows are trailing, The buried fences My heart is bewailing Mark no longer And tolling within The road o'er the plain; Like a funeral bell. By Henry Wadsworth I chose this poem because it describes winter in a whole different way, from all the other poems that just talk about snow and family stuff. This poem specifically describes the end of winter, using words like descending, glimmer, and recommence. It is unique because his words are so true and if you have experienced that peaceful sight, you would know this poem is real, no gimmick. This is a very sad poem about death. This is a lyric and is rhymed. The rhyme scheme is: aabc, ddec, ffgh, eedh, etc. An example of a simile in this poem was "Tolling within like a funeral bell, clouds like ashes, and like fearful shadows." ...read more.


This is a narrative that is rhymed. The rhyme scheme is: abcb, defe, etc. An example of a simile in this poem is "sniffles drop like flower buds". Personification is used when it says the snowman is a little, sad handkerchief for the wind. An onomatopoeia example would be sniffles. The sight images are: handkerchief, drop, carrot, left, snowman, and dried. The one sound image is "sniffled". A snowman grew at the end of winter; there was a snowdrop on his carrot nose. A late, sad, little season sniff dried up by the wind of the spring. All day and all night I watch the sniffles drop, like a flower bud, they never stop. One day you wake up and the next thing you know, it's gone. The winds blow, leaving snowdrops in the grass. Those little drops remind us that the cold, old man sniffled not long ago. Mainly, the author is telling a story of a snowman melting away. This takes place at the end of winter. "Welcone to Paradise" by Green Day Dear mother, Can you hear me whining? It's been three whole weeks Since I left your home This sudden fear has left me trembling 'cause now it seems that I am out hear on my own And I'm feeling so alone Pay ...read more.


But, best of all, the airports are shut down and I get to spend time with my mom, dad, and brother. Formal Closing As I began this project, I was really bored and didn't really care for it. I tried to begin to make it interesting, by picking a fun topic like winter, and then I found out that I couldn't even choose poems about winter sports. I was bummed. I didn't really know much, besides that I wasn't going to like it. The only experience in poetry I've had lately was reading the song lyrics from my new CD. The way I dealt with the process of this project was just to meet the deadlines and produce quality work. When doing the analysis's, I just wrote what I truly felt about the poem and the way I understood it. To meet the deadlines, I immediately wrote down the dates from the calendar in my binder reminder. I am pleased with the results of my final work. I was glad that it became fun later and it wasn't as boring. I am a lot more educated as a poet. I have a new understanding about poetry and what it is really about. I also learned all the terms to identify the poem and understand poetry more clear. After all, I am glad this project was assigned. ...read more.

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