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So far, so Good… So What!

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So far, so Good... So What! It was 5 hours before the concert, we knew this wogtuld be our last chance to practice our lineup. My stomach curled up into a ball and turned itself upside down. Suddenly a thought struck me straight in the eye. "I forgot my damn clothes!" I screamed. "Well get back to your house and bring them here, we only have 2 more hours to practice till this place opens." Adel said to me. "What! I thought we had 5 hours left, what's happening?" A more tense me blurted out. "The arcade opens at 7 and we play at 9. They said they wanted us out by 6 so they could get the stage ready." "Oh ok, listen up I'm goin' to have to run back to my house 'cause I don't have a ride now. I'll catch you guys later." I picked up my new, supposedly, waterproof and shockproof Nokia, the 6250. It was my pride and joy, until it fell down the stairs and found the screen smashed. ...read more.


I could hear my band playing a different song. Fear struck my heart, the lineup had changed while I was away. "What the hell are you guys doing?" I screamed at Adel. "We've changed around a bit. I'll teach you the songs now." He replied calmly to me. "Ok, do it fast," I said. I picked up my guitar and plugged in through my Zoom Multi FX pedal. I jammed a harsh power chord and my heart sunk further. Someone had been playing with the heavy metal effects that had taken 2 hours of my time to set. Adel came running over and Ahmed jumped to the floor with Khalid. I fell onto the ground with a feeling of dread building up inside me. Quickly running through the 50 different pedals all miniaturized and packed into one box with lots of buttons. I knew from that moment that my guitar would be useless without the pedal. I lay back on the ground and a cigarette was pushed into my mouth. The worst filth in the world was soaring out of my mouth like a million rockets firing one after another. ...read more.


Still unclear of all the words I ran up to the stage still running over and over in my head. Horror was before my eyes, hundreds of people were there. I looked closely and the whole of my gang was there. Without warning the song started. With the microphone in my hand it felt great. I sang, the words were on the floor in front of me. A gust of nowhere wind picked up the sheets and took them to the edge of the stage. At this point, I panicked, I started to sing the first words that came into my head. I could feel eyes burning into my flesh, I was shaking like a massage machine. I could hear the last verse coming to an end. I stood up straight and screamed, "TRUST". I left the stage quietly and handed the microphone to the second singer. "Go up there and do the Spanish singing you do it better than anyone." I quickly blurted out in Arabic. "Ok Jim!" he said. After that quick talk I ran over to Alice and nearly fainted from shock! I said a quick goodbye and left, never to be seen again. Nick Murray Original Writing 1 ...read more.

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