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So, it's only me and my sister at home now. You see, me and my sister are twins - identical. Her name is Michelle. I am younger to her by around

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A FREAKY STORY I was sitting in my room doing nothing. There was silence in the whole house. I was alone at home. There was a faint 'thump, thump' coming from somewhere downstairs as if someone was walking on the floorboards. I ignored it thinking it was the tick-tock of the clock. I was too tired and bored to think of anything at the moment. My mind was blank. I would have gone over to a friend's place but I wasn't allowed out of the house until my parents and my sister came back. Both my brothers - Will and Henry - are away at Sandhurst Military Academy. So, it's only me and my sister at home now. You see, me and my sister are twins - identical. Her name is Michelle. I am younger to her by around two minutes. Or One and a half to be more precise. Although we are pretty much alike on the outside, we are two quite different people, otherwise. ...read more.


I started getting worried as they had been gone for almost two and a half to three hours now. Had they been held up by fans? Had they forgotten that I was alone at home? If not then what had gone wrong? I called Aunt Anne's house and one of the maids picked up the phone. "Hi, Marriela," I said. "It's Katie. Are my parents and sister there?" I asked. "No, they all left an hour ago. Your aunt and uncle, too." She replied, politely. "Okay. Thanks." I said in a worried tone. "Did they say where they were going?" "No. They said they were coming home to you. Why is there a problem?" "No, it's just that they haven't reached yet and it's been three hours since they left." "Oh dear, do you want me to send someone there. You poor darling. You must be all alone in that huge place." She said sympathetically. "No, don't bother. ...read more.


Now I have come to take you away. I have taken the rest of your family." His hands came up to my throat to strangle me, then.... "Nooo!" I screamed and sat up in bed. I was sweating and breathing heavily. I looked around wondering where I was and felt myself everywhere to see if I was still alive. Getting out of bed, I opened the curtains of the palace window and looked outside. It was snowing! I got dressed and went downstairs where everyone was waiting for me. The whole family was there, including my brothers. I went over to them and gave each of my brothers and Michelle and my parents a huge hug and wished them a merry Christmas. Then I went round to the end of the huge table and gave my grandmother and grandfather a great hug. I was so glad that all that happened was just a horrible dream. Later, after breakfast, the whole of the royal family went to Sussex to attend the morning church service. ...read more.

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