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"So Lucky".

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Reflective essay "So Lucky" Sometimes you don't know how much you love someone until they're gone or in my case nearly gone! My family and I were on holiday in Tenerife and it was fantastic. We went sight seeing and also to water parks. We were all getting on really well even my sister and I who normally always argue. On the second week of our holiday something dreadful happened. My mother woke me at half three in the morning telling me to get dressed as we were going to have to take my sister, Stephanie, to the hospital. I got dressed promptly and went to see what was going on because I thought Stephanie would just be acting it but when I entered the living room I realised that it may be quite serious. On that morning we were supposed to be going to one of the better water parks in Tenerife but we couldn't because we were stuck at the hospital. "You always spoil everything!" I spitefully said to my sister who was being wheeled to a hospital bed. I didn't even know if she was listening because she kept dropping off to sleep. more.


My dad was trying to please me as much as he could but I knew that everything was preying on the back of his mind and knew exactly where he wanted to be. I told my dad everything would be okay, I was a bit unsure myself but I was trying my hardest to forget things. My dad gave me an uncertain smile then he looked away. As we were walking through the town nearly every single person who walked past was with their families, laughing and joking. I thought our family would never be complete or be the same again if anything happened to my sister. My dad saw my face as all the families were walking by. He knew how I felt and tears started rolling from our eyes. "I don't want Stephanie to die dad. I love her so much and she's my sister." My dad and I jumped into a taxi and headed for the hospital. When we got into the hospital my mother told me that things had got worse. These words slashed me like a knife wound. more.


It was a really worrying time for my family and I but we pulled through because we all get on really well with each other. I would say that experience brought my family and I closer together. There are only two years between my sister and I and although I don't like to admit it that she is not just my sister, she's my best friend as well. Now I am very cautious and no one will annoy her while I am around. That's why I make every day count because you never know what could happen and I would never want to be in that situation again. I have lost close family members before but nothing is compared to what I went through when Stephanie fell ill, it was a terrible time. Although Stephanie and I still have our ups and downs, I would say I'm much closer to her now even though she can be really irritating at times I know I'm lucky to have her! Sometimes you don't know how much you love someone until they are gone or, in my case, nearly gone. This whole experience has made me grow and mature and see things from new, less selfish perspective. I don't only think about myself anymore I think of others too! more.

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