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Soap Opera Scripts

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Soap Opera Scripts Characters Clair Jones: 19 years old, works at a Laundrette, young, loves her life so far and loves the man that she's going out with (who is married), wearing jeans and a top with an apron over it. Ruth Spencer: 41 years old, works at Laundrette, she is like a mother to Clare always giving Clair advice, she has a loving nature, wearing a long skirt and a blouse with an apron over it. Julie Summers': 19 years old, upset over breaking up with her married boyfriend, leaving home and having no-one that cares for her, she enters the Laundrette, wearing jeans, a T-shirt and a jumper. Mark Evans: 29 years old, initially enters to pick up Claire (girlfriend) for lunch, married, due to get a divorce, ends up leaving Laundrette with Julie. Setting: At the Laundrette Scene 1 - Main area in the laundrette where the machines are, Ruth is sweeping the floor whilst Clair is putting clothes into the washing machines. ...read more.


I don't want no boy braking my little girls heart. (Julie walks in crying, starts to load clothes in the machine where Ruth has just been sweeping) Ruth: Do you mind!!! Julie: (quietly) Oh, I'm sorry (Goes and sits on a chair) Julie: (whispering to Clair) This girl is always crying, she needs to sort herself out! Clair: (annoyed) I can't stand this (cheerfully) I'm going to freshen up cause Mark's going to be here soon. (Clair leaves to freshen up in the back of the shop, Ruth continues sweeping the floor and Mark walks in holding flowers. Ruth looks at Mark and sees him as being quiet good looking but is unaware who he is, begins to eardrop. Mark goes and sits beside Julie) Mark: Are you ok? Julie: (trying to ignore him) I'm fine Mark: You're not fine, well your fine... ...read more.


Julie's a nice name. Julie: (smiles) Thank you Mark: (gives her the flowers) these are for you. Julie: oh these are beautiful, thank you. So what are you doing here? You don't have any washing. Mark: Well I came to pick up my Girlfr....Oh em, (Julie looking confused) I was going to get a coffee when I saw a beautiful girl crying and I thought that couldn't be right. Julie: (Blushes) Scene 4- In the back of the shop Clair: oh I've got to see this.. (Walks towards the door) Ruth: Wait!! I think you van hear them. (Both of them with their ears to the door) Mark: well do you want to get some coffee? Julie: yeah sure. (Mark and Julie both get up and walk towards the door, Marks arm is around Julie) Clair: oh I think they're leaving (opens the door) Ruth: Lets see........ Clair: MARK!!!!! (Mark turns around and quickly takes his arm off Julie, looking anxious, Ruth puts her arm on Clair's shoulder) Scene ends in a freeze frame. Manika Malhotra Year 10 Created on 01/02/2005 12:09 ...read more.

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