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Societal Stereotypes Seminar

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Good afternoon everyone. My name is ........... and today I wish to educate you on a societal group that has been represented both stereotypically and non-stereotypically. "Muslim and Australian are widely perceived as mutually exclusive" and quite the opposite. The topic I will be informing you more on is 'youths of Middle Eastern background'. Before me I have four texts each portraying a different view of these youths. Two of the texts being discussed today are stereotypical portrayals of the group, while the other two focuses on non-stereotypical ways the group is seen within our society. The first is a feature film called The Combination which depicts a common view of Middle Eastern appearing youths involved in a dangerous gang. Secondly, a poem called I'm A Terrorist? will be analysed and involves quite a lot of stereotypical characteristics Muslims tend to be targeted for. The two non-stereotypical texts include an auto-biography of what it is like to be a Muslim and a TV program with a focus on 'being 13 and Muslim'. ...read more.


Throughout the poem, remarks about various stereotypes we hear all the time about Muslims are made. Also written in the poem are questions such as: "...Am I to make a choice to decide? Islam or the west? Which one, which side?..." and statements such as: "...Know there's more to 'them', the Muslims you accuse, the way of life they choose, is a way they feel they cannot lose..." Each of these quotes portray how it would be hard as a Lebanese-Australian growing up with all of these different interpretations and stereotypes being thrown back and fourth, making it difficult to stay faithful to your culture. If you look at the poem, you will immediately notice stereotypes all throughout the text. Just quickly, read though the poem and highlight all the stereotypical words, feeling, and statements made of Muslims. What stereotypes did you come up with? * Terrorist * Wear black * Muslim * Utter words Allahu akbar * Defends Islam * Evil and cruel * Bombs So, those two texts both The Combination and I'm A Terrorist were the stereotypical representations of Middle Easterners. ...read more.


So what results did everyone come up with? Do you think what Randa has written is justified and correct? Okay, so now well will move on to the fourth and final text, Insights 13 Years Old. This TV program discussed various topics that 13 year olds would find of interest and came up with the topic '13 and Muslim'. A group of four Australian-Muslims recorded a video documentary of what it is like to be 13 years old and Muslim in today's society and they came up with some really interesting points. This is a small section of the video. In other parts of the show, one of the girls mentioned that "being a teenager is hard, but being a Muslim teenage is harder". Why do you think this might be? Maybe because people target them as being associated with 9/11 and other terrorist attacks... or because they dress differently? For eg. The hijab On the sheet I handed you earlier there's a page for this text... you can do this activity in groups of two to talk about it and discuss your ideas but answer the questions and then tell me what you thought... So someone tell me ... ... ... discuss the activity. ...read more.

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