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Sociology of Sexual Differences - A Critique of The Feminization of Love.

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Sarah Pinsonneault September 4, 2002 Course: Sociology of Sexual Differences Critique: The Feminization of Love Teacher: Dr. Marcia Kovitz We identify love with emotional expression and discussion of felling. The feminization of love by Francesca M. Cancian, focus is on one kind of love: long-term heterosexual love in contemporary United States. Cancian's thesis is that there is a feminized and incomplete perspective on love predominates in the United States. There are two guidelines, which Cancian suggests for developing a useful definition of enduring love. The first guideline for a definition of enduring love comes from the prototypes of enduring love - the relations between committed lovers, husband and wife, parent and child. Historical provided a second guideline for defining enduring love, specifically between a woman and a man. ...read more.


A feminized conception of love can be supported by other theories as well, but the strongest support is form the feminized perspective comes from such psychological theories as Chodorow's. Feminist historians have developed an incisive critique of the feminized perspective on love. Their argument, in simple form begins with the observation that in the colonial era the family household was the arena for economic production, affection, and social welfare. As the daily activities of men and women grew further apart, a new worldview emerged that exaggerated the differences between the personal, loving, feminine sphere of the home and the impersonal, powerful, masculine sphere of the workplace. Work became identified with men do for money while love became identified with women's activities at home. ...read more.


the community; feminization of love intensifies the conflicts over intimacy between women and men in close relationship, finally the feminized perspective on love, childcare is a subtle communication of activities, not work. In conclusion the material in this article supports the course thesis that 'gender is socially constructed'. The concept of the sociological imagination supports practically everything in this article. First it talks about history of the past and how things are starting to change. Secondly, the article shows how society plays a role. Finally, the article talks about individuals (men and women) but it does not really explain how they feel. Cancian's article is very wordy, boring and it jumps around quite a lot. The article made me think of topics I have never really thought about. The author certainly accomplished what she set out to do. ...read more.

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