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Some Aspects Of Sports Coverage In Newspapers

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Some Aspects of Sports Coverage in Tabloids & Broadsheet Newspapers In Britain there are two main types of newspapers that dominate the ever declining newspaper industry. The first is the Tabloid or 'Red-top'. The Tabloid is slightly larger than an A3 size paper and appeals more to those who are less educated. This is mainly due to the low quality and largely pictorial content which those less educated would find easier or more enjoyable to read. The other is the Broadsheet which is much larger than the Tabloid and consists of high quality articles and a broad range of coverage on all topics which contain fewer 'action' photographs, which appeals more to the well educated reader. I would expect the Broadsheet to cover more sports simply because Broadsheet readers are more interested in a wide range of sports that are less popular and may even be foreign. However, this is a huge change from what Broadsheets used to be like. Years ago sports was looked down upon as a hobby for the working class and was not covered by Broadsheets. ...read more.


"HAVAN'" is an abbreviation for Havant, which when used in the headline, constructs a resemblance to the common phrase 'having a laugh'. This type of play on words is typical of tabloid newspapers, though not so much of broadsheets. Tabloid newspapers appeal more to the less educated readers or those looking to have a quick browse through the paper. Tabloid newspapers are suitable for their audience because most tabloid articles, including sports articles usually have one or two short sentences per paragraph, which makes it easy to read quickly and does not take much intelligence to read. In contrast, broadsheet articles are a high quality reading material and contain long, in-depth match reviews and analysis as well as all the latest sports news, which tends to be more fact than the usual rumours spread by tabloids. The reason that Broadsheet articles are of such a high quality comes from the way they are written. Broadsheet articles contain little slang or informal language and use a huge range of vocabulary and more sophisticated language than Tabloid articles. This means that they appeal more or are deliberately aimed at those who are well educated and are capable of reading the literary language with a wide range of vocabulary. ...read more.


The article had a large picture of him naked down to the waist, and next to that, had a row full of sexist comments about him such as 'HUNK RATING' and 'PHWOAR FACTOR'. This shows that sexism within sports coverage is a common factor in both Tabloids and Broadsheets but I think it is more evident in Broadsheets In conclusion I have found that overall Broadsheets give a much better coverage of sports in comparison to Tabloids. This is because Broadsheets cover a wider range of sports, cover them in more detail and are a better quality read than Tabloids. I believe that Tabloids could improve by covering more sports that are not as well known in the UK. Also, they could use a better standard of English in their articles and use fewer pictures. On the other hand Broadsheets can improve by making their content more suitable for the younger generations. I know that the two most popular newspapers are 'The Sun' and 'The Daily Mirror', based purely on newspaper sales. This would mean that the most successful type of newspapers is in fact Tabloids, even though I personally would rather read a Broadsheet purely because its articles contain a better standard of English language than that of Tabloids. By Andreas Chace ...read more.

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