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Some critics believe that the visual and musical effects in 'The Glass Menagerie' are what make it such an effective play. Do you agree?

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"Legend: 'Terror!" many people wouldn't even know what a legend is let alone what this phrase means. In the play 'The glass Menagerie" written by Tennessee William's, legends which are short phrases or words, and images are projected on a special screen device that is specified for this certain play. This play has four main characters including Amanda, Tom, Laura and Jim who is also known as the gentlemen caller. The play is a memory play and includes a vast variety of visual and musical effects to create the feeling of memory as well as many other emotions and atmospheres. Even though some critics believe that the visual and musical effects used in 'The Glass Menagerie' are what make it such an effective play, some others believe that the play has a unique sense of effectiveness on its own. The musical and visual effects collaborate with it well, but the play can still be an interesting play by it self. Williams provides a lot of information for the director about the set, lighting, music and the unique screen device that is specified for the play. The set is unique and is thoroughly described in the stage directions on the first page of the play. ...read more.


We know it was set in the 1930's because Tom mentions it in his opening lines at the beginning of the play, "the thirties, when the huge middle class of America." In the thirties it was the time of the great depression after the wall street crash in America, so there was a lot going on outside of their little home. He also makes references towards "In Spain there was Guernica." This also suggests that World War two is about to start. Atmosphere is also created when props are not in use. Williams specifies this in the first scene where the stage directions indicate, "Eating is gestured without food or utensils." There is also another direction in the play which arrives shortly after, saying, "Tom deliberately lays his imaginary fork down," The use of not having any utensils in this scene, is to set the fact that it is a memory play. It is too difficult to remember minor details, so they are left out. Some directors would be unsure if Williams was meant to say "imaginary fork, " or if it is an accident because if the fork is imaginary how can the audience be able to tell it's a fork. ...read more.


The play may include a huge amount of stage direction and Visual and musical effects for the director to consider but as far as what the audience sees, it is an interesting and entertaining play. This is mainly due to the visual and musical effects, also to the uniqueness of the screen device and also to obscure story line of the play. It's a breath of fresh air because it is one of the most realistic plays that most people would ever come across. Usually in plays, which include a man and a woman in a romantic story line, end in living happily ever after, whereas this play proves that life is not really like that. This is one of the reasons why the audience would probably enjoy the play. If the play did not have the visual and musical effects it would still be a decent play, they just add and collaborate to the dialogue to make it into a uniquely great play. They also create an atmosphere, which cannot be created with acting by itself. In all the play is unique and interesting but, the visual and musical effects are what make up a great deal of the play and add to the originality of it. The Glass Menagerie Tennessee Williams English Modern Drama Coursework. Nisha Patel 10 IE Miss Vicars-Miles ...read more.

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