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Sometimes It Snows In April.

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Sometimes it snows in April. It was just another typical evening at Silver Town. Rowan, Shannon, Reeve, and I were five friends from Madison high and we were driving past Rose Hall (the famous haunted house) on that Halloween evening. The house lay in ruins. Not a single soul had lived in it for over fifty years. There, it stood, alone in the hills, rising from the green cane fields. There were no other houses near by. It stood there day and night, all alone. Every one said the devil lived there and that anyone who slept in the house will die violently and mysteriously or survive, hopelessly insane. Nevertheless people did go into the house from time to time. We all went in as well but that was in broad daylight, of course. We visited the grand rooms and we went down the back staircases to the cellar, where Annie Palmer used to practice black magic and where the dark brown stain that was said to be the blood of her last murdered husband. Rose Hall was not a nice place at all. Even in bright sunshine the windows were broken and black with dust and grime. Every Halloween night the five of us, oh sorry I forgot to mention Mace, he has a record for violent disorder, well to me he has.... ...read more.


The tears were there. Rowan screamed and then she burst into tears and fell down on her knees. We could feel the silent night looking down at the four of us, helpless, knowing that there was no turning back now, but only to face the fear ahead of us. It felt like as though we were in the part of a film, a funeral, everyone crying, sad music at the background, everywhere you look there was sorrow. The door was left there wide open for us, and we knew that there was no way out. We made the final decision that we had to go into Rose Hall and find Shannon. We went in pairs: me and Mace, Rowan and Reeve. We all had the fear hidden inside us, but outwardly we showed braveness as we stepped into the forbidden house. As we walked in, we found our selves in the middle of the hallway with only two straight narrow paths ahead of us that were never there before. Looking at these paths we knew that one of these path would lead us home where as one would lead us to another world, the world we did not want to enter, the world contradicted by hope, but we did not know which was which. Mace and I decided that we would go right, but Reeve and Rowan wanted to go the same way as well. ...read more.


Just then Mace told me to look up, he told me that we reached it; he told me that we have reached our destiny. Without saying a thing I stood up in amazement, speechless. "Mace, Shannon, Rowan, and Reeve we're home"......... "Darling, wake up". I opened my eyes so many people, my own people. `I'm home, I'm home... Where are the rest where are they?' `I'm sorry darling. They..., they died in the car accident. Thank god that you survived'. From that day to this I don't know how we ended up in the car accident, and I don't know why I came back but Mace didn't. Every time I drive past Rose Hall I hear the screams of Reeve and Rowan and still see the body of Shannon. Twenty-five years have passed and things have changed in the outside world, but I have not changed. For me my past is still living and haunting me. I have still not yet uncovered the mysteries of that night in Rose Hall. It's a normal evening at Silver Town. Halloween night has come back to me again. And as I'm driving towards Rose Hall I hear again the same voice, the voice that I once heard twenty-five years ago but this time it is saying `Come...come...come'. I still don't know if Mace lied when he said he couldn't turn the car around, but I do believe that he is still alive and I am going back for him........ `Hello, Rose Hall. ...read more.

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