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Sonnet 138 - Aunt Jennifer Tigers

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The poem "Sonnet 138" by William Shakespeare used pun, syntax, assonance to show the main theme of untruthfulness in a relationship, making the text entertaining and thought provoking. The poem deals with a lover's relationship that is based on lies. Her lies of being faithful and reassuring him that he is young in her mind flatters his ego, thus her wife lies to him about his age and Shakespeare lies to himself by believing her. "Simply I credit her false-speaking tongue". He uses pun to shows that lies exist on both sides. This pun made the text entertaining as it helped us understand that "vainly thinking" refers not only to the narrator's own vanity which is driving him to such a deception, but also to the futility of his efforts. ...read more.


This provoked us to think of the real deception and untruthfulness in their relationship as they are together only for sexual motives not because they love each other. Furthermore Shakespeare used personification to show that deceit and untruthfulness exist in every relationship. This made the text enjoyable because when he referred to love, Shakespeare made the statement, "love's best habit is in seeming trust", universally pertinent and not just limited to a single relationship The poem "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" by Adrienne Rich used symbolism of tigers, making it entertaining and thought provoking. Aunt Jennifer expresses her feelings through the tigers. The tigers she sews are vividly portrayed, they "do not fear the men beneath the tree" and freely "prance" across the screen. This description made the poem very entertaining as it helped us understand the strength of the tigers, e.g. ...read more.


This rhyme also indicates that this marriage has kept her down. This made the text entertaining as rich successfully tells us that her husband is abusive (represented by hand) and exceeds human limitations. Rich further uses alliteration and onomatopoeia "fingers fluttering" to show the result of this domination. We enjoyed these devices as they bought the words to life and helped us understand that the alliteration "fingers fluttering" suggests her physical weakness; she is feeble and has trouble manipulating the needle "through her wool." Furthermore the double connotation of the word "ringed" made the text entertaining since we learn, the ring "sits heavily" on her hand, but it also represents other difficulties that continue to surround her. The connotation provoked us to think deeper of Aunt Jennifer struggle faced from her husband, constricted and forbidden to enjoy many of the things she truly desired. ...read more.

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