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Soon, the girl felt sleepy and fell asleep. Little did the girl know was that this book was magic and when she woke upshe had changed!

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´╗┐Heather got dressed in her pink sweater and blue jeans and went down to the library. She didn?t seem like the reading type, but when she arrived, she saw something that sparked her interest. The book Heather got was red with blue sparkly gems on the front. She checked it out and began to read on her way back home. ?Once there way this young beautiful girl who loved to read. She would read anything that had text in it or on it?.Sounds like me.? Heather giggled silently to herself. ?One day she found a strange book and began to read it. In it, there were these strange words: Expanda, growther, largea balloonea, expaflation, bursplosion?? Heather returned home as she continued to read into her room. ?Soon, the girl felt sleepy and fell asleep. Little did the girl know was that this book was magic and when she woke up?she had changed! The young girl was a round ball, like a balloon! ...read more.


Her jeans were beginning to feel tighter as well? ?I think I AM A balloon!? ?Wait a sec?this is just like the character in the?? PING! Heather temporarily stopped as she felt her pants button pop off of her. ??Book! I need to find out what happens! Maybe that?ll cure me!? Unfortunately, the book went missing under Heather?s bed. Even more unfortunate for Heather, she could barely look down at this point. ?Ah, I feel full?already. Need to find that spell book?? Heather began to look around, but was growing steadily larger, the button on her pants already popped off, and the zipper beginning to unzip itself. ?Oh! These pants feel so tight?? Trying as best as she could to get past her rounder belly, Heather reached down as much as she could to try and remove her blue jeans and were barely able to get them off before they were ruined even more. Heather continued to try to maneuver around her room, but she was beginning to have trouble moving. ...read more.


She tilted to the side and turned the page with her hand? ?Her body kept expanding and expanding more and more, getting rounder and?..rounder?ooooohhh oh??.? Heather was stretched to her limits and began to hear a strange sound; it was like a rubber balloon stretching to it?s limits. She flipped through the last few pages? ?Oh?.? Heather felt her neck shrinking as her head was sunk into her body?she flipped to the end of the book. ?The girl was nothing more than a giant balloon and about to explode?She desperately hoped the ending would deflate her but all it did was cause her to? Heather decided not to read the ending. ?Maybe if I don?t read that last word, I won?t?..pop?.?But Heather knew it didn?t matter. She could feel her belly shake and hear it stretch like rubber that couldn?t stretch anymore, so she just decided to end the story? ?All it did was cause her to burst?? POP!!!! ...read more.

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