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Source based work on Jack the Ripper.

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Source work From source "a" I have learnt that Polly Nicholls was murdered for murders sake, in line two it states "no adequate motive". From this extract I also determine that Polly Nicholls was murdered viciously by an abnormal person, this is highlighted in lines four and five which calls the murderer a "demented being". People were startled by these murders but however it is not known why, as murders was common in London at this time. Source "c" supports the evidence of source "a" in many dimensions. They both sources comment on violence: source "a" suggests "extraordinary violence" and source "c" describes the violence in much more detail. Both sources also state the fact that there was an absence of money on the victim's bodies and that there where peculiar features involved in the scenarios. ...read more.


Source "e" the comic strip shows the police were not all skilled because the officer rubbed off what could have been vital evidence e.g. D.N.A tests and fingerprints and this may have helped to narrow down the search There were many ways that the police tried to capture Jack for example, questioning eyewitnesses. People were often vague so this did not help. A local appeal was a good technique but people were too scared to help the police, as they were cryptic rivals. This could have been a step in the right direction made by the police, but had failed so it resulted in being a step back. They tried localising searches but forgot to widen searches too. ...read more.


However, in argument against this statement, the police did try hard to capture Jack the Ripper. The fact that there were no witnesses made the investigation more difficult, the victims were prostitutes (people who avoided police) and that the killer had no link with the victims. In my opinion the police were not to blame for not capturing this 'demented being' as many deaths were unreported in turn giving less evidence to the police. Also Jack had moved to another country and there were no international links that pin pointed him to a specific country. In conclusion, the strongest argument is that the police were not to blame for not capturing Jack the ripper, as this case was very difficult with no forensics evidence of any sort and not enough co-operation from the citizens. ...read more.

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