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Spare Beds

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Spare beds I smoothed over the creases on the blue knitted material, another bed made for the morning work. Just as I had started to assemble another bed an echo of my name was called; the summoning was ignored, until my name was called once again. You were never left to do your job, always interrupted by a grovelling patient or an overworked, underpaid manager. No wonder the hospital was failing miserably. The manager Mike strolled towards me in his brisk gate. I said 'Yes, Mike?' he replied in a low monotone, 'Betty, there is an emergency meeting in my office, come immediately', I was obliged to follow after him. Wasn't good enough apparently, the death rate has increased last few months, not that its anyone's fault accept the patients. If people were more careful with themselves surely it would prevent them from becoming ill in the first place? Obviously not a theory that Mike agreed with, in fact he considered it complete nonsense. ...read more.


The clock struck 11:30, seemed to be time for my break, I made my way to the canteen but was interrupted by an old male patient that shouted to me on my journey. He said 'Excuse me Nurse but I do believe that my pills are due now' as he slouched lazily in his bed, I said 'Sorry, I'm on my break and I don't deal with your medication'. I said it politely enough but some patients are far too rude and demanding these days. He threatened to make a complaint; I would have to get his pills to make sure that Mike had no reason to be suspicious of my working standards. I looked at his medication when I got it from the cabinet, usually more would be given to a man his size, maybe a should put a couple more pills in... maybe a few more. Fade to black Afternoon at the hospital Edward Green, his name that is, that I had given the medication to. ...read more.


Early morning an old female patient called Doris had arrived at the hospital; she had fallen over and banged her head. Not really an injury that needed emergency attending to but it was insisted that she was examined then placed in a bed for rest. After her examination Doris said 'would you mind fetching me something to help the pain, dear' I said 'of course, right away' though it was said through gritted teeth. I searched through the drugs cabinet; make it strong, she must be in pain with her head. I added extra pills and couldn't help but let a smirk come to my face as I did so. I rushed back to Doris and gave her the pain killers; I said 'take them quickly to stop the pain'. She smiled and took every last pill, her eyelids slid down and her head slumped into the pillow. The smirk returned to my face, I left Doris in her bed where she lay still, the pain had gone away. The hospital failed inspection; it is still unclear why the death rate is much above average, closure is imminent. ...read more.

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