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Speaking and Listening in 'Of mice and men'.

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Inequality "Of mice and men" is partially a novel of protest; it portrays the harsh reality of life during the Great Depression. There is a theme of inequality protesting throughout the novel. Inequality can incorporate numerous meanings such as: * Racism, disproportion, diversity, disparity and prejudice. The characters in "Of mice and men" that face inequality in different ways throughout their lives. The main that faces inequality is Crooks. Crooks is a Negro stable buck that is isolated from the rest of the workforce and lives in "the harness room". Crooks had an apple box which contained a range of medicines both for himself, used for his back, and for the horses "in one hand he held liniment and with the other hand he rubbed his spine". Steinbeck looks on how black men were treated during the time of the Great Depression. ...read more.


Curley's wife is seen as a possession, it shows this by her never having a name. However she doesn't act like a possession as she roams around the workforce attempting to flirt with men. The men just reply to Curley's wife saying "you got a husband". Curley's wife gets frustrated by not being able to talk to any one "why can't I talk to you, I never got to talk to nobody, I get awful lonely". This proves that when she is lonely it can lead to her getting into trouble and then ultimately death. Curley's wife has more power than Crook's but are both overpowered by white men. Another character who faces inequality is Candy. Candy is an old man "The Swamper" and has only one hand caused by an accident whilst working. This prevents Candy from doing everyday things. ...read more.


This is because he can't talk properly as he was "kicked in the head when he was a child". Lennie comes under even more inequality when Curley enters the dormitory to ask George if he had seen his wife. Straight away Curley stared over at Lennie and gave him dirty looks showing that he wasn't appreciated by Curley. Another form of inequality is where Lennie isn't clever when he is told to stay away from Curley's wife, he doesn't and this result in him killing her. Lennie is compared to a bear because of his great big hands and his bear like tendency to keep hold of things and "petting things". Lennie relies on George as he acts like a father figure and knows that he is a burden to George. Lennie is at first na�ve and innocent but as he falls from grace due to him killing the "pups" and "rabbits" he doesn't gain the paradise of the dream and is shot dead by his only friend George. ...read more.

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