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Speaking and Listening Monologue: Edward Lyons

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H/W Tuesday 5th October 2004 Monologue: Edward Lyons Edward skips in on stage. Oh dear! I can't believe what I just did, it was so hilarious, I hope Mickey's proud of me, well he should be but I wonder why he didn't do anything. We went to the park today me and Mickey and this girl called Linda, whom Mickey assured me was okay. Mickey had brought along an air rifle so that we could try and shoot Peter Pan's thing off. It was great fun, neither me or Mickey managed to because Linda had distracted us so it wasn't really fair when she hit him. ...read more.


I was terribly scared that we might get caught. Well Linda noticed that I was afraid so I decided to do it anyway, I didn't want them to think less of me. Well right as we were about to throw the stones a policeman comes up behind us and asks what we were doing. I looked at Mickey and Linda and well I was extremely scared but energetic at the same time. I wanted to make them both proud of me especially Mickey because he does such wonderful things. So I answered 'waiting for the ninety two bus' with this I had burst out laughing, I thought it was extremely funny and I wasn't aware of anything else going on around me at that moment. ...read more.


The policeman went round to Linda's house first so as to inform her parents of her behaviour that day, then came Mickey's and then last of all it was me. I was then very frightened no one scared me as much as my mother could when she was angry, I was lucky though it was my father who opened the door. I could see the disappointment in his eyes and for the first time that day I felt guilty but to be completely honest I'm not sure that I really care because all that matters is that Mickey is proud of me, because he's my blood brother and he comes before anyone else. I would do anything for my Mickey, anything he's the best friend I've ever had. Edward then walks of the stage. ...read more.

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