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Special Delivery

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SPECIAL DELIVERY He hurried down the stairs, taking them two at a time to check whether the package had arrived. It had. He grabbed it from the floor without checking the others and quickly slid his finger behind the seal and opened the envelope. He pulled off the bubble wrap and pulled out the prize. The acclaimed remote looked normal, but it supposedly had the power to control people. Of course he didn't believe that, but there was no harm in finding out. He ran back upstairs to my room to get changed for school, where he would test the remote's power, to see if it was true. "Jason, breakfasts ready", came the muffled shout from my mum. He put the remote in my inside pocket and went down stairs. "You didn't clean your shoes again did you, I've told you three times this week and you still haven't done them." I pulled out a seat and prepared for a lecture. "All you're bothered about is sitting in front of that bloody computer all day long and watching..." ...read more.


Jason knew he was going to fail miserably. He flicked through the paper and realised that he was going to have to guess the answer to nearly every question. The thought of the remote kept flashing through his head, although he couldn't think of a possible use for it in this situation. With ten minutes of the allowed time to go, a thought hit him, but he wasn't quite sure if it would work. If he paused time when there were only a few minutes left, then he would be able to check the answers on the class swot's paper. The only problem would be the teacher would no that he was never capable of gaining full marks without cheating for certain. He was going to have to be careful and deliberately write some of the wrong answers down. When there was only two minutes left he punched in the pause key in and watched everyone freeze. He walked over to the girl's paper, collected it and returned to his seat. He finished copying all the questions apart from the last one, which he left blank. ...read more.


He didn't notice the raised manhole, protruding out of the ground in front of him. He didn't even notice the car hurtling down the street way over speed limit. He stubbed his foot on the manhole as he turned to cross the road. The remote flew out of his hands into the path of the oncoming car. He didn't stop to think as he jumped into the street to grab the remote. He bent down and grabbed it, and looked up, only to find himself looking into the grill of a sleek sports car. The screech of tyres ringed through the air and the whole street turned to look. He fumbled with the remote trying to find the pause button. He pressed random keys and the car suddenly bolted towards him as he pressed the fast forward key. "Sssssssshhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiii-", came the cry from a bystander. The car stopped with Jason's nose pressed firmly into the mucky grill. The engine smelt strongly of oil, but Jason didn't care. He climbed to his feet and suddenly the world fell into darkness. He couldn't see a thing apart from a tiny flashing red light, coming from the remote. Upon closer inspection, Jason could just about make out the words 'Battery Low'. ...read more.

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