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Speckled band detectives

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Speckled band detectives The detective in the Speckled Band is Sherlock Holmes. His associate is Dr Watson. Sherlock Holmes is a very knowledgeable man and he has very good detective skills. We know this because when he takes the first look at Helen Stoner he realises that she travelled by train as she had a train ticket on her hand. Sherlock Holmes does not take any money from Helen Stoner and he asks her to pay him when it suited her. This tells us that he loves his job and that money is not his main concern. Sherlock Holmes is also very strong, we know this when Dr Grimsby Roylott bends a steel poker and Sherlock Holmes reshapes it. Sherlock Holmes always tries to find a logical explanation for everything as any other detective would. He is not worried about his own safety, we know this when Dr Roylott barges in and threatens Sherlock Holmes while Sherlock Holmes intimidates him. Sherlock Holmes is brave, intellectual and quick thinking. Sherlock Holmes wears normal clothes and a long cloak. He also carries a magnifying glass and his smoking pipe. Lamb To The Slaughter The detectives in Lamb To The Slaughter are not named. ...read more.


It is terror. Lamb to the slaughter Victim The victim in the lamb to the slaughter is Patrick Maloney the husband of the villain. Patrick is a senior policeman who always arrives home at 4:50 pm every day. Patrick would always arrive home and have a drink while sitting on his chair. His favourite drink is whisky. At this time Mary would be sowing. Patrick was a kind o bully. His wife would do everything he told her to do. Mary would act like a slave towards Patrick. Patrick's two best mates at the station are O'Malley and Noonan. A frozen leg of lamb, which was struck at him on the head by Mary, killed Patrick. Plot And Setting In the Speckled band the murder took place in the house of stoke Moran. A snake, which had been trained by Dr Roylott, had killed Julia in a couple of minutes. Dr Roylott plan was to kill Julia and Helen Stoner and take their inheritance money without getting caught. It was a 50-50% chance that the snake would bite Julia but if it was sent every night it would eventually kill. The snake would go down the ventilator between Julia's and Dr Roylott room. ...read more.


I will compare these two detective stories to see how far they fulfil my expectations of a detective genre. I will look into these stories and study the different subjects and characters such as: Characters including- Victims Criminals Detectives Plot- Crime Investigation Resolution Setting Language Social and Cultural Significance I will also write a summary for both stories describing what happens in both stories. The Speckled Band Summary Julia Stoner has been killed. Two years later her sister Helen Stoner heard the same things that her sister heard on the night of her death. This is the reason why Helen goes to Sherlock Holmes for help. The things Helen heard made her agitated and shiver with fear and terror. Julia was thought to have died from shock and fear. Lamb to the slaughter summery Patrick Maloney, the husband of Mary Maloney is a policeman. Mr Maloney comes home everyday at 4:50. He came home one day at the same time he always comes home and told his wife that he was leaving her. Mary Maloney kills her husband with a leg of lamb, which she brought up from the cellar freezer. She then acts normal and goes out to get the groceries to finish making dinner. Mary Maloney is six months pregnant. Shahinur Rahman 10k English Coursework ...read more.

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