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SPECSLIMS essay The poem "Lament" written by Gillian Clarke, and "The Flower-Fed Buffaloes" by Vachel Lindsay are two very similar poems which both illustrate the problems that affect nature. The poem "Lament" portrays ideas to do with ecological disasters and that of conflict and war. On the other hand, "The Flower-Fed Buffaloes" illustrates how modernisation leads to the destruction of the natural world. The underpinning theme in "Lament" and "The Flower-Fed Buffaloes" is mankind's failure to protect the natural resources of our planet. The purposes of both poems are both very similar; they both want to express their pain about the way nature and animals have been treated. In "Lament" it mentions how turtles with their 'pulsing burden' search for a breeding-ground and in "The Flower-Fed Buffaloes" it mentions how the 'buffaloes of the spring' have left due to civilisation. Both poems express their sorrow about how the animals lose their habitats due to human causes. The tones of both the poems are quite different however. In "Lament" the tone of the poem is sad and melancholy as the title suggests however there is also a slight tone of deep anger. The sad and melancholic tone is apparent in the line "For her eggs laid in their nest of sickness" In this line Gillian Clarke expresses her sorrow on how the eggs of the turtles are not laid in sanitary conditions because their habitats were destroyed. ...read more.


An example of an oxymoron she uses is, "... in their nest of sickness" In this line, the oxymoron is from the words 'nest of sickness'. A nest is a structure in which animals give birth or lay their eggs in; it is commonly thought to be a clean and sanitary place however Gillian Clarke adds the word 'sickness' at the end which makes it an oxymoron because 'nest' and 'sickness' are quite the opposite. This is very effective as it makes the reader think about the conditions of the turtle's habitat even more. Gillian Clarke also uses a very effective pun in her poem. "the boy fusilier who joined for the company," In this line the word 'company' is a pun because it could be that the boy joined for the company of his friends or the army company instead. Another technique used frequently in "Lament" are metaphors. An example of a metaphor in "Lament" is "the shadow on the sea". The quote has a negative connotation basically portraying an image in the readers mind about an oil spill (shadow) in the sea through a metaphor. Other metaphors used in the poem include, "...uniform of fire" and "...missile's thunder". Gillian Clarke also uses techniques such as onomatopoeia, semantic fields of language and enjambment in her poem. In the poem, "The Flower-Fed Buffaloes", Vachel Lindsay uses little techniques in the language. ...read more.


Other sensory images in "Lament" include smell in the line, "...stink of anger", and sight, "in search of the breeding-ground". Sensory images in "The Flower-Fed Buffaloes" include voice, "...locomotives sing" and taste, "...spring that is sill sweet" The sensory images in both poems are very apparent. In conclusion, both of the poems contain the same theme which is the problems that affect nature. However they do not focus on the same aspect. The poem "Lament" portrays ideas to do with ecological disasters and that of conflict and war and "The Flower-Fed Buffaloes" illustrates how modernisation leads to the destruction of the natural world. There is also a big contrast in the literary features between the two poems such as personification, structure, figurative language and the imagery. Both writers use these techniques in different ways which differentiates their views. In my opinion, I feel that "Lament" was a better poem. I felt that "Lament" gave a stronger impact towards my feelings on the problems in the modern world. The way Gillian Clarke used metaphors, oxymorons and puns made me think about the problems in the gulf and it was very effective to me as a reader. The different topics such as oil spills, war and turtles appealed to e greatly as well. "The Flower-Fed Buffaloes" on the other hand was a very simple poem to me. There were no metaphors or puns and the imagery was very simple compared to "Lament" ?? ?? ?? ?? Sujith 10I SPECSLIMS Comparative Essay ...read more.

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