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Speech about Barrel Racing. FIRST, the history of barrel racing begins in the heart of Texas. It is primarily a rodeo event for women although boys and girls compete at a youth level, and men compete in some amateur venues.

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Katie Mayer Mrs. Drescher English III Period 3 01 March 2011 Barrel Racing Attention-Getter: According to the PRCA Rodeo World Records at the about.com website, the fastest time for a women's barrel racing event was 13.52 seconds. Tying Together: Barrel Racing was originally developed as a rodeo event for women, while men roped and rode bulls. Thesis: It is a timed rodeo event in which the fastest time is what matters the most. The riders compete against each other in the clock. Preview: In order to learn what barrel racing is about, you have to examine the history, the arena layout, and the importance of the rider-and-horse relationship. Topic Sentence: FIRST, the history of barrel racing begins in the heart of Texas. ...read more.


There are three barrels, typically three fifty-five gallon metal or plastic drums, which are placed in a triangle shape in the center of the arena. Usually, there is a 90 foot distance between the first and second barrel, a 105 foot distance between barrel one and three and two and three, and a 60 foot distance between barrels one and two and the score line. Each horse that runs around each barrel must graze past each, in order to meet the winning time between 13 and 14 seconds, according to the Barrel Racing Basics at the rodeo.about.com website. If a drum is knocked over, there is a certain time and point reduction to the rider. The rider begins at the score line, circles from the inside around the first barrel, straight towards and around the second barrel, then up and around the outside of the third barrel, before they are able to bolt back towards the score line to finish. ...read more.


As the clock starts, the horse and rider must be, not only in tune to each other's movements and styles, but they also must be in the correct balance and control. It is said in an old legend that if the rider holds the horse by the head and breathes into its nose while showing love, the horse will never forget the rider or lose the special bond. Review Points: Now that we have looked at the history of barrel racing, the setup of the arena and the relationship between the horse and rider, we are able to understand more about this rodeo sporting event. Restate Thesis: Barrel racing is a timed event that is based off of skills, techniques and adrenaline. Clincher: Bodies almost touching the dirt through the sharp turns and legs pumping to reach the highest speed, barrel racing is a fun activity turned into a professional event. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mayer 2 Mayer 3 Mayer 1 ...read more.

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