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Speech By Ken Livingston Addressed To The People Of London

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Speech By Ken Livingston Addressed To The People Of London Robert Scott My fellow Londoners I was appointed by you the people and my soul purpose is to serve the people of London to the best of my ability and I believe I am doing so and will continue. The congestion charge is that now in operation was not snuck in through the back door as some uninformed ministers have suggested, despite growing public and cabinet objection to the congestion charge the principle was documented heavily in my manifesto prior to my landslide victory my intentions were clear, and should come as no shock to my constituents. The erroneous commonly view of the charge being new and conjured up by myself as a means to squeeze money out of motorists is quite absurd, it was actually ...read more.


When will you, accept that something drastic has to be done? We can't continue throwing millions of pounds of tax payers money on this issue and expect it to resolve its self if that was the case transport in London would be one of the best if not the best in the world. What we need to do is follow the example of other cities worldwide; cities such as Philadelphia, Madrid and Tokyo who all use congestion charging and similar schemes to try and decrease the number o vehicles on their roads and in each one of these cities once the charging scheme was adopted traffic jams and such like were reduced by on average 78%. You may say none of these cities have any resemblance to London but you would be mistaken; each one of the ...read more.


The estimated level of reduction in vehicles passing inside the zone would be 10-15%, with a 30% reduction in the in the levels of congestion surely things can only get better form here onwards think how much traffic could potentially be cut if the zones were extended. Congestion charging thus far has been on the whole a positive an effective weapon in reducing traffic in and around London since it was introduced on February 17th contrary what certain tabloids would have you believe it has reduced a massive 34% of traffic on London roads in its first day in comparison with the pervious year. However, there's still along way to go; now I have the financial means to improve transport in London, which I didn't have before I hope to increase the number of busses and trains and trams in operation hence less cars on the road. ...read more.

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