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Speech. (I stand in front of you today to talk about tuition fees.

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1 (I stand in front of you today to talk about tuition fees. Yes you?ve all heard this argument before however not from your point of view but others today I want to tell what your point of view should be. 2(We are living in the hardest society times were only the rich benefit and social mobility has become a thing of the distant past. Life is an uphill struggle and nothing comes for free but hard work and dedication rewards those who deserve it. Money seems to control everything however unlike any time in history; people have power and tools to overthrow those who manipulate the power they have. The current government wants to sacrifice our future and dreams because of mistakes made by bankers and accountants that don?t care about us. Because of their mistakes we faced the biggest deficit in history. We?re being made victims of social injustice. We are going through are depression while the rest of society watches and laughs. 3(Recent figures have shown that over 1.2 million young people (aged between 16-24 years old) are unemployed. Future job funds have been cut and EMA has been scrapped. ...read more.


I want us as young people to stand up and show we have the backbone to fight. Yes we are the under dogs but we?re fighting for the right purpose at the right time for the correct people. You. I can?t guarantee that you will be victorious but I promise when you look back on your life this will be a moment of self-proudness and great respect. You will not find are greater cause to stand up for in society that benefits you like this particular one. 6(I recently met are young person who had experienced the ups and lows of being are young person in society at the moment. Daniel Yon whose 18 years olds explained to me how no jobs are available to young people and attending university is like robbing are bank being forced to pay back for the rest of your life. Daniel and I had are very emotional and deep conversation of how he found himself clueless about his future and at are stand still in life. We exchanged words about two phone calls which determined his future. ...read more.


You are trapped in were our future is at risk. This is a war were no one cares but you and therefore we must fight for us. This war won?t produce dead bodies but it will destroy your childhood dreams and leave you with regret for the rest of your life. You must join our cause, you must fight hand in hand with other young people and together we?ll take our future back. We must all be prepared to sit back and sacrifice out future or stand up for our future. We must set an example for the rest of our generation to follow. You only live once, you?re only young once and you only have real chance to pursue your dreams and that time is now. What are you prepared to do about it? 10(Am going to leave you with are quote from my favourite poem (FIRST THEY CAME FOR THE SOCIOLISTS) Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out -- Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me -- and there was no one left to speak for me. I want to you to remember that your only speaking and taking action for your selves but for also the generation after us (younger siblings)/ ...read more.

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