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Speech is important in all of Orwell's fiction; nowhere more so than in "Down and Out." Discuss.

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The Role of Speech in Down and Out in Paris and London Speech is important in all of Orwell's fiction; nowhere more so than in "Down and Out." Discuss. In "Down and Out," Orwell's theme is poverty and speech is so important because his is trying to make the novel as realistic as he experienced it. He used his own narrative voice, a demotic voice - as a framework for the other voices within the text. Using the framework voice, it would become more obvious when a new voice was introduced and emphasize the difference. Orwell would framework his voice around the other voices so that when a new voice was introduced you would easily be able to recognize the difference and if the voice changed you also would notice this change. ...read more.


This emphasis on difference gives a powerful effect of how real the scene is. Another example of Orwell's use of cues is when he was talking to a screever. In the screever's speech Orwell uses cues such as, "a bob or two." These cues get the effect that the man is talking in a London accent but without marking the text. Orwell thought that marking all the text was bad because it makes it more difficult for the reader and they may get bored and lose interest. Orwell would have had no way to transcript exactly what all the characters say in this book so this use of cues and marked speech helps to give it a real affect as if he did manage to transcript what the characters said without the unfluencies. ...read more.


Apart from his voice being the narrative and frame working voice, he changes so that he is documenting facts and making a commentary. The way he changes from different styles of narrative voice is important because it is unnoticeable but it helps him go from documenting straight into framing speech without highlighting the change of style, letting the language flow but still emphasize the differences in the characters voices. All Orwell's different narrative voices help to give a realistic affect and help highlight the differences. When Orwell is using speech in his novel, he uses dialect to help highlight the differences in voice. Using dialect helps give the effect of an accent like the cues but instead using the local rules of grammar. He also uses socialect and idiolect to give the voices identity to their character. Using these again helps to create a more realistic effect. ...read more.

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