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Speech on Stereotyping.

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´╗┐WA ? ENGLISH B (IB) : standard level THE RATIONALE Stereotypes and discrimination are the topics common to all three texts that were used as stimuli for my written response. In my response I am trying to express my strong dissatisfaction with the stereotyping that occur in different aspects of human?s life ? family, job, education and sports. I choose to write the speech to the students of my class, because the problem of stereotyping concerns us all and it is the best way to express my opinion about the problem directly to them (all other text types would pass the message too indirectly and thus not as efficiently as speech). To make the speech more convincing and attractive for listeners, I used informal language, addressed the audience several times and I used some figurative language. ...read more.


We?ll touch the problem of the myths our parents are having about us and we?ll highlight the problem of stereotyping in professional careers and sports. I say that that stereotyping shouldn?t play role in any aspect of our life?s. Don?t you think so too? To start with, it is important to consider the fact that stereotyping is ruining the bond of trust between us and our parents. Nowadays parents are saying that we aren?t doing anything except sitting in our rooms and spending our precious time on computers. They are always saying that they want just the best to us. But at the same time they would like to enforce us to live the dreams and fulfill the ambitions they created for us. ...read more.


Dear colleagues, don?t you think that this is little too much? Every single one of us should have the right to do what he/she likes the most. We are old enough to think with our own heads and thus there isn?t any need to conform our parent?s hidden desires. We shall show to our parents how badly wrong their assumptions about us are. We shall show them that we?re masters when it comes to balancing the school, social life and family. Even though those dark clouds are gathering upon us, there is still some time for changes. We shall be the ones that will make the difference. And in the end, just remember that, as one famous person once said, action is the fundamental key to all success! Thank you! Word count: 400 ...read more.

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