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Speech on the life of Louis Braille

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Slide1 Braille is a coding method, based on patterns of raised dots, by which the blind can read through touch Slide2 1. Name: Louis Braille 2. Nationality: France 3. Born: Jan 4, 1809 in Coupvray, France 4. Death: Jan 6, 1852 in Paris, France (43 yrs. old) 5. School: Graduated in National Institute of Blind Youth, studied in College de France. 6. Occupation: Teacher, Composer, Musician 7. Invention: Braille?s method Slide4 Louis Braille was born in 4th January, 1809 at a village called Coupvray near Paris. His father, Simon-Rene Braille, was a saddler. His mother, Monique Baron was an agricultural labor. He had two elder sisters and an elder brother Slide5 When Braille was three, once he was playing in his father?s work shop, he accidentally struck an awl in his left eye. ...read more.


As a result, his academic result was excellent. Slide6 At the age of ten, he got a scholarship to the National Institute of Blind Youth which was a school especially for blind students in Paris. He was an all-round student in the institute. He studied well and learned playing piano and organ. Moreover, he assisted the professors to teach younger children. The books for the blind were inconvenient to be read. The words inside the books were huge and touchable, so the books were large and heavy. ________________ Slide7 In 1822, the captain of an army, Charles Barbier gave a lecture at National Institute of Blind Youth. ...read more.


In 1828, he became a full-time teacher in the institute. At the same time he went to College de France and studied organ also. The busy schedule and the bad environment in the institute made Braille?s health became worse. Slide9 However, the new director of the National Institute of Blind Youth and sighted teachers did not support Braille?s method and changed back to old embossed letters. Students would be penalized if they were found to use Braille?s method. In addition, the government did not approve his method either. Therefore, Braille?s method could not spread widely. In 1834, at the age of twenty-six, Braille was very ill and suffered in serious tuberculosis. Slide10 Kleinert told the audience that she read musical notations by using Braille. She hoped people to give credits to him. After that, the feedbacks about Braille method were unpredictable. ...read more.

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