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Speech - Warning People about the Approaching Hurricane

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´╗┐Good morning,to all but actually what?s so good about this morning.I have specially aired this to say a few words about Hurricane Irene, urge Americans to take it seriously.I will also brief you?ll about some do?s and don?ts that you?ll have to follow. As you?ll know there were heavy rains and harsh winds smashing in New York and New Jersey and there was a flooding yesterday on Sunday.The hurricane stirred up to 7 foot waves!Therfore I declare that the streets,subways and homes of New York and New Jersey have to get emptied.The people have to move to safe refuge areas, where I insure you?ll there will be protection.I have also spoken to all the governors who will then brief you?ll in detail.The death toll is also raising, there were 46 deaths yesterday. ...read more.


According the weather reporters there is going to high tide which will cause flooding Tuesday, so please stay indoors and inform your friends,family members and your close one.Due to this we are also postponing three Major League Soccer games.45 flights have been canceled due to the hurricane. If you are in the projected path of this hurricane, you have to take precautions,be alert now.Don?t wait.Don?t delay.We all hope for the best, but we have to be prepared for the worst.So if you?re in the way of this hurricane, you should be preparing now.I want you?ll to exercise caution by seeing updates on the television and listening to the radio.There are some safety measures that you?ll have to take- Secure your homes with closed storm shutter or even card board would be okay. ...read more.


Last but not the least please do not panic,stay calm, patient and cool. If in need call on 911.I am sure you?ll want to be safe.isn?t it? Your town mayors will provide you?ll with water, food and blankets if in need.Each family in each town will be given a given a copy of the emergency route and a paper with all the important number and guidelines. Let all be united, cooperating and brave to overcome this hurdle together,just like last time during Hurricane Katrina. Let not get scared of the hurricane by following all instructions and the safety measures.Lets see all the cities that are getting affected back to their normal.Do what to be safe?If yes, be cooperating as even we are doing our best to keep you,you and you safe. Thankyou..your President ...read more.

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