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Speech Writings

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Speech Writings It was a Monday morning and pouring outside .The children at willowfield were all huddled in the main hall. Six hundred students all jammed into one tiny hall. The mood was dull and apathetic and everybody was chatting quietly. The students were hot and cramped in this tight space and were not allowed to leave the hall until the bell rang. A boy aged fifteen suddenly stood up on the stage. Everybody knew the teachers forbade this and so many heads in the crowd turned to face him. The boy clapped his hands above his head twice and more heads turned to face him. The room became quieter, "you must all be wondering why I'm standing up here", he said. His voice was loud and he had a sense of authority about him. Now he had the crowd's full attention. "Yesterday after three and a half hours of homework, I was exhausted, and guess what? I still had two hours of homework still to do, yes two. Many of you here probably suffer from this premature exhaustion too, especially my fellow students in year ten and eleven. You younger ones will also come to this stage in life where you'll think you cant go on and meet with these teachers' needs. "The reason I'm standing here is because after those three hours of hard work I suddenly dozed off and fell asleep. I was exhausted after this continues hard work. ...read more.


Don't you see, these teachers steal all of our happiness. Removing them is the one and only answer to our problems. They are the root of our suffering, our stress, our emotional breakdowns, and our mental breakdowns. In short, this torture and pain inflicted upon us destroys us. It is time to be strong. "Just the other day a good friend of mine was taken to hospital because he suddenly collapsed in the classroom. The amount of work he still had to do and the question of whether or not he'd finish it or not, got to him. Unfortunately he is still in hospital trying to recover from a serious mental disorder. I can also remember another incident where a year eight boy went down the wrong way because he had a diarrhoea attack. He passed a frustrated and upset teacher who took out his anger by shoving the young boy over the railings fifteen feet to the ground. He is also in hospital with much more than just diarrhoea to worry about. Every day a teacher roughly shoves at least one of you, a fellow pupil of mine and ours, off their chair in class. Everyday these teachers tell us to line up in an orderly fashion at the dinner queues while they barge in to the very front without any thought about the safety of the young people in their way. ...read more.


My final vision was of us, all proud and happy. This is not only for our sakes it is for generations to come. It is time to put an end to this abuse of power. If we do not, future generations will be treated much worse as these teachers' lust for authority and sadistic power increases. We are all individuals. No one is above anyone. Everyone is equal. My fellow pupils, after my vision the mans head had the words 'Father Justice' written on it. He smiled and started to sing, beckoning me to join in after a while. The words ran: No longer can they beat us up No longer can they work us up It doesn't matter what the teachers say Doesn't matter what the teachers think We wont have to wear these rags No extra work, or eye bags Happiness more than the mind can picture And stress free lives that were out of the picture Now us kids will take control For freedom sake, their rules we'll break This is what we've been waiting for So come on you fools. As he sang, the whole crowd joined in and they sang and sang. They burst into the corridors like a swarm of bees protecting their hives. Their hearts were thumping mad, they leapt into excitement and joy. A new undiscovered feeling rose from deep inside every single last one of them. But most importantly the boy's speech had brought them into a new understanding of equality and how it should have been all along. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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