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Spider Man vs. Iron Man Both Spider Man and Iron Man are heroes; they save others by using the skills they have been given. They are both motivated by a particular event in their lives

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Spider Man vs. Iron Man Everyone has a favorite superhero-yours may be clad in blue cap, shooting web out of his fingers, or saving the world with amazing turtle abilities. Two superheroes, Spider Man and Iron Man, have recently been featured in blockbuster movies. In the movies about Spider Man, he saves individuals all over the city, all while trying to protect his grandmother and the girl he loves. Iron Man saves the world, trying to protect others from weapons he has created. Though Spider Man and Iron Man are both superheroes with motivation, their methods of saving and their attitudes about their roles are very different. Spider Man and Iron Man are both heroes that save the world because they are motivated to do so. Spider Man is a hero because a spider bit him, which enabled him to have spider-like powers that help him move from place to place quickly and easily. ...read more.


Spider Man, on one hand, was very secretive about his hero abilities. When he saved people, he was quick to leave the situation once everyone was safe. He did want anyone to see his face, and when photographers from newspapers tried to get pictures of him he not like it; he took pictures of himself to give to those papers just so he would have control over what kind of pictures they were. Mary Jane is the girl he has always loved, and he saves her on occasion. Once when he saves her, she goes to pull off his mask to see his face; he only lets her pull it up to his nose, so the only thing she can see his mouth. He does no even let Mary Jane, his trusted friend, see who he is. Mary Jane and others have to slowly figure out that he is Spider Man on their own. Spider Man feel that being a hero is a "responsibility," one he will not take lightly. ...read more.


Both Spider Man and Iron Man are heroes; they save others by using the skills they have been given. They are both motivated by a particular event in their lives; this moment of motivation is important because it wills them to carry on when they get discouraged. This moment of motivation is something they always remember and think about it. It makes sense that a hero would start being a hero because of one life-changing moment. This event makes it easier to understand them as characters. Their differences were in their attitudes; Spider Man felt his responsibility as a heavy burden while Iron Man worked hard to help but enjoyed it along the way. Spider Man could not let people see him or it would stand in the way of his responsibility; Iron Man liked that people knew whom he was. Though both Spider Man and Iron Man were heroes who saved the day, they definitely had their differences- goo things, too, because if heroes were all the same and could only wear blue capes, they would not be half as exciting. ...read more.

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