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Spoiling the beauty of our lands

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9/12/09 Heba Shaikh SPOILING THE BEAUTY OF OUR LANDS Do you really want to live in a world which is filled with litter? Wherever you go and all you see is filth, filth and filth? You can make a huge difference by picking up the litter you see, be it yours or someone else's. Litter destroys the environment. The environment we are living in! What good does litter do? Nothing! Littering is destroying our future. Litter makes us citizens look like we don't care enough for our environment. Picking up garbage isn't a hard job to do. We are responsible for it. Nobody will clean up our mess. It's our duty. This is our planet we are living in and we should take precaution and take care of it. ...read more.


It has killed many loved ones because of our laziness. Do you really want to be the cause of others peoples death? I don't think anyone would want to be in that sort of position. "Surveys have shown that 30-65% of trash found along roadways is the result of unintentional behavior" such as items blown from yards and vehicles, lost items, or debris leftover from accidents. While Litter is often easy to remove, keeping an area litter free can be costly and time consuming. It's important to show that we as citizens care about our environment and don't treat it like sewage. Littering is an important environmental issue. "It is amazing that 94% of people identify litter as a major environmental problem and yet people still litter". ...read more.


One of our main problems is litter. Tourists wouldn't visit a country if it was polluted. Tourists want to see beautiful sceneries and clean roads. Trash in an area attracts vermin and bacteria. Litter can be hazardous to one's own health as well. Broken glass and other sharp objects are dangerous when left in public places. This happening in many countries has affected their status, hence will lead to a really poor country. The truth is, we all know about the problem. Now it's time to act on it. Develop proper and responsible waste disposal habits; remember that you can make a difference by encouraging others to follow your example. When we dispose of our garbage properly, instead of polluting our environment, it does more than help our environment to look good - we all feel better about it as well. ...read more.

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