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St Catherine's Dock......a Case Study.

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St Catherine's Dock......a Case Study St Catherine's Dock is in London, which is one of the more economically developed countries, a MEDC. St Catherine's dock is situated on the north bank of the Thames, next to the Tower Bridge, and just off the highway, which runs from the tower Bridge to the Limestone Link, and so to Docklands and the new developments in the East End of London, the City Airport , The dome etc. St Catherine's Dock was part of the Victorian and early century London docks which generated wealth for the capital and fro the U.K, through imports and exports. It dealt with cargoes from and to all parts of the world, from the West Indies to the East Indies and Asia. ...read more.


It was never one of the shipbuilding yards or influential in ships rope making, etc, as some of the docks on the Isle of Dogs were but it suffered from their collapse too. The industry moved out of this, almost central, Thames location and the sites were, more or less, abandoned and left in decay. It was only in the 1970s that the re-generation of the docks began to take place-the Docklands Regeneration scheme itself, where quays and wharfs and warehouses were taken over and redeveloped into office space and expensive apartments. St Catherine's Dock was close to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, both important tourist attractions. It is also sited next to a very large, good quality, hotel overlooking the Thames. ...read more.


from the decline in U.K shipbuilding and the movement of the import and export trade from individual, separate U.K sites to the generally more centralised sites in the South East of the England, as at Harwich, etc. it should be added that St Catherine's Dock is within walking distance of Aldgate and therefore, the City of London itself with its City Merchant offices and its Central Banks, including The Bank of England itself, and such important establishments such as Lloyds Insurance. It is close to excellent transport links, buses and the Docklands light Railway, with its connections to the London Underground Network, so it is the ideal place to live for very well of people who work in Docklands, Canary Wharf, etc, as in the city itself.. Name: Subhan Ali 26-01-2004 ...read more.

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