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Staging of particular scene of Romeo and Juliet

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Staging of particular scene of Romeo and Juliet This essay will be based on the way in which I would stage a scene of my choice from the play, Romeo and Juliet by the playwright, William Shakespeare. I have chosen to describe how I would stage the scene with the fight featuring Romeo, Mercutio and Tybalt which ends in the tragic death of both Mercutio and Tybalt. I chose this after considering the level of drama and excitement in this particular scene and thought it would be an interesting challenge. During the Shakespearian period it would obviously have been difficult to stage this particular scene, as the visual effects would prove difficult to apply. There are many problems that need to be overcome to provide a realistic, believable tragedy. These consisted of the level of realistic appearance, the identification of where the scene is set, the quality of acting and the general layout of the scene. ...read more.


If I was to stage this scene I would find it extremely hard to create a sense of reality. I think the stage layout is very important as the audience must have a sense of direction of the scene. I would start by putting a door on opposite sides of the stage to show a degree of opposition when the actors enter. There will be no scenery and the background will simply be draped in black sheets to indicate the play is a tragedy. There may be a few props such as a table and an arch will help the dramatic appearance of the actual sword fight as they try to fight around it. Above the doors at either end of the stage will be balconies for the musicians to sit and provide sound effects at particular moments through the scene, especially at the moment where Mercutio is stabbed and is lying on the floor dead. ...read more.


It should also be mentioned that Mercutio was not joking when he said, 'A plague on both your houses' which is what was conveyed in the 1936 version by G.Cukar. A big difference between the film portrayals from 1936 by G.Cukar, 1954 by R.Castellani, 1968 by Franco Zefferelli and 1997 by Baz Luhrmann are that they all use swords as in the original play and try and make it look as if it is being filmed in the Shakespearian period, but the 1997 version by Baz Luhrmann does not even attempt this. Instead he gives it a modern twist, with guns and cars involved. This makes it more appealing to the modern audience as they may find it interesting how the play is conveyed in their period. Although the differences between the first three are noticeably smaller, there are few differences such as the setting. G.Culkar's version was set in an indoor courtyard, R.Castellani's version was set in a busy market place and Franco Zefferelli's version was set in an outdoor courtyard. ...read more.

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