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Stains - Dear Diary

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Stains Dear Diary 01/04/02 The day was normal, so I thought. I woke up at seven thirty in the morning. The sun was shining through my curtains almost blinding me! So I had to get up! I woke up grumpy and very tired because the night before I had been watching a film that contained scenes of an adult nature. Strangely my bed sheets contained many stains and needed a clean. My mum asked me why they needed a clean. "It must have been the dog" anxiously I said, blaming the dog, trying to get out of it. Of course they could have been coffee stains I thought. Then I suddenly remembered I had to get the video out of my video player before my mum found it, because today was the day she was dusting my room. ...read more.


I began to dream; it was as if she had come alive. She had long golden hair with eyes, which looked like the eleven oceans; they were the most beautiful eyes that I have ever seen. To my inexperienced eyes she was all that any man could ever desire. In my dream she and I were lying together in a discreet and very private apartment, which looked over a small fishing village on the French coastline. Unknown to me as I was lying in my bed Sausage had jumped up and was lying next to me. In my dream I reached out to embrace the woman of my dreams. I felt my hand close around a soft but firm shape, but I wondered why was it so WET. At this moment I was woken from my dream by a distressed yelp as Sausage struggled to free his nose from my hand. ...read more.


jumping on and off my bed, and the night before that he had made some strange stains on my bed (or so I told her.) The pet psychiatrist asked my mother what she thought the problem might be. She could not explain it but thought that it may be because she had changed his dog bed cover and Sausage thought it looked a bit girly. I thought it was a bit of a daft explanation and started to laugh to myself. I went over to Sausage who by this time seemed to have forgotten the adventure last night. I was playing ball with him thinking to myself how narrowly I had escaped when all of a sudden I heard my mother call down and say "I'm just going to put your clean underwear in your drawer for you" The colour drained from my face as I realized what she had just said. TOO LATE! Original Writing Oliver Dring ...read more.

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