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Stealing his Innocence

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Stealing his Innocence The day was no different to the usual and Pat Coalman rose from bed without looking at the other side of the bed; she knew he wouldn't be there. 'Rob, get up you lazy toe rag', she screamed at her son in an unpleasant way but he was used to it now and he didn't answer. She stormed into his 'room', which was actually more like a cupboard, and screamed that he was worth nothing just like his father. 'I am not going to school today mum, I hate it there because they are all better people than me.' This comment surprised Martha and she answered saying that she didn't care if he went to school because school didn't matter. She told him that she was going to the supermarket, 'Can I come too, mum?' He really wanted her to love him but no matter how hard he tried, she always cut him off. They entered the supermarket and got a patronising look from the cash desk attendant, Martha was wearing a puffa jacket, which was only deemed as odd because it was the middle of summer and rather humid. ...read more.


She looked so frightened but was trying to act normal to Rob. It didn't work. He looked embarrassed and walked solemnly out of the door. 'Darling, you could be locked up for this you know. If you come with me then we will put it all back and say nothing else about it. Let's just try and forget about it, I know you really didn't want to do this especially in front of your boy.' The silence as she caught up with Rob was deafening. They walked together in quiet for the distance back to the council house. 'Why don't you get a job, mum? If you got a job then our life would be better.' 'Your father didn't care about us and doesn't give us money anymore, I don't even know if he still alive.' 'What was Dad like, mum' 'Lets go and have some beans, Rob.' At the house she cooked the beans for herself and Rob as he asked more questions, he was an intelligent boy who was asking about morals. She avoided answering them directly like a politician would as they were awkward and she didn't want to answer them. ...read more.


'Where have you been'? It was so obvious when she was drunk but he never said anything. 'Sorry, mum' She didn't look at him when he talked her. 'How was your day?' 'As if you care' As the night wore on the conversation came back to Rob's father, 'Why did he leave, mum? Did he not love me?' 'He was a bad man and he didn't love me or you and he never will.' 'Why is my life so bad? All the boys at school are richer than us and they have fathers who play football with them' 'You really don't get it do you, we are poor and it will never change. When you are older you are going to be nothing. Just like me and your father, your grandparents and everyone before us. God doesn't even like us.' He knew she was drunk but he sensed that she had meant what she had said. 'Oh', he didn't know what he could say He looked into her eyes, and said frankly, '....Mum', he paused,' do you love me?' F.Moynan Remove 1 2002-09-14 ...read more.

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