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Steinbeck Cares More About The Characters More Than The Actual Time Period Itself.

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Steinbeck Cares More About The Characters More Than The Actual Time Period Itself. The book was written in the 1930's around the time of the great economic depression around California. California was filling with official (and unofficial) refugee camps. In this part of the country there was also agriculture problems such as the dust bowl effect. Drought and over-farming were reducing the amount of fertile land. This was when all the fertile soil was blown away to other places and the infertile soil looked like dustbowls because it was dry. Also, owners in states were going bankrupt which led to land being repossessed by banks. Some banks themselves were collapsing. Things were much worse for black people because America was a highly racist place and a segregated society. Around this time, there was a huge number of unemploymed people (around 14 million people). There were also an enormous number of itinerant workers. People came to America in the hope of The American Dream. In that time, America was thought as the "land of promise and opportunity". It promised independence, land and a decent living through honest work. All this makes things seem that anyone can be successful. However, this wasn't always the case. ...read more.


He will very rarely have anyone to talk to. Times would have been extremely hard for him. George and Lennie travel together mostly due to the fact that George promised Lennie's auntie (Aunt Clara) that he'd look after Lennie after her death. Everyone at the ranch is extremely different from each other. Nevertheless, they all have one thing in common. They are going nowhere. The ranch is for men who spend all their earnings in some lousy cathouse and work another month to get $50 to waste somewhere. Therefore, life was all a big circle. People like Whit and Carlson are just average guys. They are able to earn enough money to buy a regular whisky and afford the sex they want but they have no ambitions in life. Because they have no ambitions, they're never truly happy or unhappy; they're just there. There's no mercy in the ranch for animals or humans. Steinbeck shows that when animals or people no longer serve a purpose, they're got rid of, e.g. Candy's dog. Steinbeck shows us the kind of person Carlson is through the shooting of Candy's dog. He is big, stupid, tactless, complaining, stirring, completely insensitive and doesn't serve a perpose other than work. ...read more.


Ever since he abused his power over Lennie by telling him to jump in a river, he's regretted it and has looked after him ever since. He promised himself to do what's best for Lennie and will stick to it because of his guilt. Regardless of how complicated his life is, with Lenny beside him, his life will only have two directions; the farm of his dream or a life of work and a few dollars. The title of the book is a quote from Robert Burns' poem as shown below: The best laid schemes o' mice and men Gang aft agley And leave us nought but grief and pain For promised joy. Gang aft agley means "Often go wrong". From this, you don't even have to open the book and you can already tell that the dreams could always fail no matter how planned or laid out they are. The title is a constant reminder that failure could be inevitable. However, it isn't always certain. Often go wrong. This shows there's still hope. It's just a matter of how much you want it. There's very little chance you will achieve what you want in life but if you don't want it at all, there's no chance. Overall, it's a great dream for the one's who do succeed but horrible for the rest, such as the people at the ranch. David Pollon 4C. ...read more.

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