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Still I Rise and Realities of Black Women

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Still I Rise and Realities of Black Women Both poems "Still I Rise" and "Realities Of Black Women" are about how black people, black women in particular are deprived of basic Human rights and how hard and dangerous their lives are in society, and how they wish that one day everyone will be treated equally. In the poem "still I rise" I think that Maya Angelon wrote it because she wanted people to understand more about how black people paticurly women have suffered and have been deprived of their basic rights over the years. She wanted us to think about was at paragraph 7, where it said, "does my sexiness upset you? Does it come to a supprise? This makes us think that she does the opposite to what a white persons stereotype of a black women. It tells us how white people lie about blacks about their life style and the way in which they live their life style and the way they live, from "you may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted lies". ...read more.


The way the poem is set out that the first section of the 4 paragraphs describes how much pain and sorrow that black people have suffered and the other 3 paragraphs explain how blacks define what whites expect, and how good life is and how it will become in the distant future. The Rhythm is very unique and different because it is wrote as a form of song for black people to chant it is about how good life is and how blacks are becoming more powerful. Grace Nicholas wrote this poem "Realities Of Black Women" to make people feel sorry about how black women have suffered and have been oppressed in the past and present. This poem is not written as a song, nor has a regular Rhythm. This is intended to reflect the fact that Grace Nicholas does not want to be restricted by rules. Grace Nicholas sends a message through the poem; she tells us that non-black people have an incorrect picture in there mid of how black people are, and how they make a living, such as being prostitutes. ...read more.


Whereas in the poem "Realities Of Black Women" it is the beginning of the poem, because it means there's no way possible to talk about everything about black women, so it is slightly poking fun at the person who asked her to do a poem on that subject. In the poem "Realities Of Black Women" it talks about how impossible it is the talk about a race of people paticurly black women because everyone is different so you cannot take a guess on how every one is the same. But on the poem "Still I rise" it talks more about how black women have been suppressed and deprived and how it will change, also it is about how the media make people have a picture in their head on how a black women is, which is incorrect. The poem I prefer is "still I rise" because it is set out in a form of a chant or song that the black slaves in the past would sing, which I think is motivating and inspirational. ...read more.

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