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Still In School

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Still In School (English Short Story) The bell rang then so we waited a minute before scampering. The next lesson was Drama; oh my God I hate that subject no one wants to be my partner and anyone who does tries to keep as far away as possible. But not that lesson oh no all the girls wanted to be my partner. Picked Charlotte as she was the second popular girl after me .The other cheerleaders were teamed up with each other. Oh yeah did I tell you that I have got my new cheerleader outfit. It is green and white with a big W on the front. That is the name of our football team WestBridge. In Drama I got in serious trouble because I got into a fight with Melinda well it all happened when I caught her flirting with Corey. I went round there and gave that slimy bitch a slap around her face. Corey goes to me Jennifer stop then I give him a slap around the face. "Are you nuts Jennifer?" ...read more.


have to do everything in my house since especially since my mum gave birth to a premature baby "Yes what do you want I" I huffed annoyed to be disturbed from my sleep "Oh sorry if it is an inconvenient time I `shall come back " My eyes suddenly popped out of their sockets. "Oh my god is that really you." Guess who was standing on my front door step you can't guess then I ll Tell you then,You see how I was telling you about the guys from Human Nature the one who snogged me Tim well anyway he was standing on my doorstep .Can you believe my luck?" "Sorry you wanna come in or you gonna stand outside for ever?" "I was hoping you ask me that so.... " "Jennifer who is that honey?" "You will never believe who it is it is Tim from Human Nature!!" My half sister Carmel came running downstairs "Did you say TIM or was it just me if you are lying I will kill you " As she approached the bottom stair She yelled: "Oh my god it really is Tim AAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...read more.


"Yes Mum, "I said cautiously "This guy Tim as you so nicely put it would like to talk to you" giving me this look which meant I will deal with you later young lady. I went upstairs to go to the toilet but before I had even a chance to reach the bottom stair, Carmel whisked me away to the kitchen " Okay, speak, how did you manage to Get Tim out of all people to have a crush on you .I obviously underestimated your pulling powers." "It wasn't me, how do you know he likes me he just wants me to volunteer to help a charity group " "Oh, that's okay then,"she said mildly amused "I beg your pardon, what the hell do you me I asked my feelings hurt "Well what I am trying to say is that if he isn't going to ask you out then this conversation is over " God stepsisters can be so dumb. I went to call Tim from the living room and relieve him from mum's wrath. He was very thankful "Thanks I felt as if was 490 questions " "So what do you want to talk bout "? "If you don't mind I want to go outside!" and he left, without saying another word. ...read more.

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