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Stone Cold.

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Liam Baxter 11AJB Stone Cold Daily Routine Orders Number 16 I do not write this from Mornington Place. No more Sappho -not that I ever liked the stupid bloody cat. No more cosy flat - I can live without that. But no more recruits. My Camden Horizontals as I christend 'em, my lads. Who will look after them? Who will polish their boots and tidy their hair? And who will clean the streets of the riff-raff that is bringing down this country? You mustn't imagine that I've been idle. Oh no. after the police left me - and I must say I played a blinder there - I had an unexpected piece of luck. ...read more.


I offered Link the Stink food or money. But what really swung it was the offer of a warm dry coat. In he came like a lamb to the slaughter. I carried on behaving like the wally he thought I was. It was all ok until he saw the watch I'd left on the sideboard. rather careless of me, considering the detailed planning that had gone into the whole operation. I knew then that I had to pounce and introduce another recruit to the Camden Horizontals. I got him onto the floor and showed him his future comrades. He knew some of them so would feel at home, by golly. I wanted him to have a better look so I got up to switch the light on. ...read more.


I spent the next few weeks waiting for my trial. I knew that any judge in the land would understand why I had started out on my mission and would find me innocent. The only think that I was guilty of was of making this country a better place to live in. I don't think the judge understood what I was trying to do. The jury were a gang of do-gooders who were no better than the filth living on the streets, but I thought that the judge would have had more sense. I was sentenced to life in Broadmoor - a prison for the insane. Me! One of the sanest men alive condemned to live amongst the scum that I tried to tidy up. There are drug addicts here, loosers, wasters and low-life. Well - get fell in, my lucky lads. I'm ready for you. ...read more.

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